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Porsche GT3
Supercup Challenge presented by Snail
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Welcome, and thanks for your possible interest in this series. We are currently accepting Reserve Driver Entries to finish out our Season 3 on GT7. Our Season started on GTSport, and at the launch of GT7, we have taken a break from formal points racing to allocate time to testing GT7, verifying online stability, and awaiting additional online lobby features before we resume.

As mentioned, we continue to accept Reserve Driver entries for anyone interested in giving this series a try. Its quite simple. Post in this thread or the thread linked above that you would like to join our series as a Reserve Driver. From there, you will be tagged and included in all Confirmation Posts prior to an Event Race night. Simply confirm if you're available to race if needed as soon as possible (Confirmations are accepted immediately after our most recent Event is ran). Reserve priority is based on a first to confirm basis to cover for any primary drivers unable to make a race night. Typically the first 2-3 Reserves available tend to find a place on the grid and most times have a decent notice to prepare. Pre-rendered Reserve Liveries will be provided to you through a link for the team you will be covering for, or feel free to render a livery to the series requirements to use your own. Any points scored will count toward your own drivers standings, and will be also be applied toward the team point score for the race night. This is a great opportunity to give the series a try, to get acclimated to the racing and other drivers within the series, and to have early access to sign ups for our next season's primary roster.

If interested, select the link above to be redirected to our Series thread for more details.
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Porsche GT3
Supercup Challenge

Exhibition Event #1
at Sainte Croix-B
Default Conditions
This Friday, April 22nd

9pm est

Alright fellas, while GT7 has yet to accommodate our needs for the online lobbies, that shouldn't stop us from testing the servers and stability along with our series parameters.

I will be hosting an exhibition event this Friday, April 22nd at 9pm est. We will run in the following adjusted format:
-Room will open at 9pm est for open warmup ups until 9:30pm est.
-Practice lap times will set the grid for the first short 6 lap Race.
-The grid will then be reversed to run a 2nd 6 lap sprint Race.
-the grid will then be reversed based on the 2nd sprint race results.
-We will then be running a full length race with laps to equal over 40 minutes.

For any new drivers who would like to join us to give the series a try, see the link above in the 1st post for series details. Follow the "Quick Links" at the bottom of that post to build your Porsche into our version of the GT3 Supercup, and see the tuning link for some tested and proven tunes for this car. Current series drivers take first grid priority for the night, and any additional spots will be filled in the order of posts for interest. Drivers must post here in the thread prior to 8pm est Friday to be given access to the room. Hope to see some new faces.

Likely to be openings on the grid for anyone interested in joining us as a Reserve driver. This is a great opportunity to give the series a try before the season concludes and reorganizes for a new season. Those who have raced as a reserve will be included in early access to sign ups for the next season. Post here if interested, and follow the link in my signature to take you to the main thread. Quick Links are noted to the bottom for car build instructions, specs, and series requirements. New Reserves are always welcome.

Have a look at the video at the top of this post from our last test/shakedown night to get an idea of the action in this competitive series.