Possible answer to why people are getting different ai lap times on endurance races

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I've seem multiple threads on and off gtplanet wondering why the ai runs certain lap times and why there running ridiculous lap times for some but not others. My belief is polyphony in their desire to maximize frustration seems like they are using their cheat rubberband ai system and giving it a upgrade. They looked to design it where it cheat immediately to the start of the race with you laps and the ai just run a slight percent better then your lap time. A little different then the ai is in a "band" with you rubberband of the past. So no matter how fast or slow you are you are guaranteed to be outrun by the ai unless your in the top top tier.

Just a theory....
No, I don't think that's it, I watched Kie, for example, do the Tsukuba race, and the AI didn't speed up to be faster than him. You need to set the difficulty to hard, it's if you have it set to easy that they do the crazy lap times, as far as I'm aware.