Possible B-Spec in GT7?

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Hey y'all, found something in the game that I can't seem to find anywhere else. I may be wrong, maybe it's a menu I haven't seen yet but that's what I'm posting, so maybe some of y'all can correct me. Forgive me for the clickbaity title if that's the case. I was messing around with the new VR Showroom. I was looking at some cars in the showrooms to check out the insane levels of detail they have, and to check out the environments they've made for them. I went into "Pit Garage 2", which is lively scene in a pit garage at a track. I noticed what appeared to be menus on the screens in the Garage. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that they were menus I haven't seen before, and appear to possibly be some race management menus. What I found interesting was the circle and back text at the bottom, which leads me to believe this menu is somewhere in the game, but I haven't seen it. Am I trippin? I took some screenshots, forgive the potato quality, it's about as good as it's gonna get.

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That’s GT Sport’s UI, it kind of rings a bell, but I haven’t seen that menu anywhere in the game. Could it have been a replay analysis mode in Sport, like how you could check your G-force in GT6’s replays?
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Those menus are pretty much all from GT Sport's replays. Come to think of it, I wonder why these menus didn't return in GT7's replays...
They are GT sport menus , they were all fancy , but mostly useless , position and pace analytic graphs .
It's funny how in the first screenshot, it has a Trial Mountain replay but the telemetry is for Dragon Trail Gardens.