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  1. im looking for impressive lap times. im a very avid gt and formula 1 enthusiast. the AI in gt4 is so weak.. i need competition. so here are my lap records for my favorite tracks and the car(s) i set them in.. (mostly the Formula Gran Turismo) please post to this thread your lap records.

    1. Nurburgring Nordschleife: 5'29.943 "Audi R8 Race Car '01"

    2. Suzuka Circuit: 1'31.572 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    3. Tsukuba Circuit: 0'50.927 "Nissan SKYLINE GT-R M-spec Nur '02"(upgraded)

    4. Infineon Raceway: 1'16.739 "Audi R8 Race Car '01"

    5. Seoul Central: 0'42.816 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    6.Tokyo R246: 1'11.311 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    7. Clubman Stage Route 5: 0'38.125 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    8. Special Stage Route 5: 1'00.992 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    9.Seattle Circuit: 1'14.166 "Formula Gran Turismo '04" (it was very bumpy)

    10. George V Paris: 1'20.671 "Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85" (First time i got was 1'28.422, then i tuned the car to run like a touring car)

    11. High-Speed Ring: 0'49.382 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    12. Mid-Field Raceway (favorite): 0'52.358 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    13. Grand Valley Speedway: 1'27.388 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    14. Deep Forest Raceway: 0'56.377 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    15. Trial Mountain Circuit: 1'05.468 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    16. El Capitan: 1'21.956 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    17. Apricot Hill Raceway: 0'58.833 "Formula Gran Turismo '04"

    those are my best times.. i had so much trouble on Apricot hill.. i wanted under a minute. Oh and also.. i know most of us have this omega rediculous car that we spend ALOT of time tuning. Mines a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C5) '00. it has N/A Tuning and just about everything else Full Customized.. Race suspension, Limited slip.. no nitrous. and it does the Nurburgring in 6'07.167 (on soft tires) and 6'10.560 (on medium tires). does anyone know how to tune a SKYLINE to do faster than that? if so help. im having trouble with my SKYLINE. thanks..
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    good times you are good at alot of tracks, my record on high speed ring is 46.2 and on monaco is 1.16.57. not sure about the others there is more time to be found on the high speed ring though for sure.
  3. Nordschleife - 5.31 with Minolta, only ABS on 1 using DFGT
  4. acky

    South Africa South Africa

    C9 on the Ring 5:16,5. CLK Touring 5:52,8 have Fun.
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    no one uses x2010??....3:28:687 with ds3 and x2010 with only 1 of abs all other assistances off (have proof)

    PD:i know that is a unreal car but i like to see how fast can i go with it cuz is one of the cars which needs a alot of practising to domain it ^^

    i will post more times of differents cars and circuit when i finish le mans 24h ;)
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  10. fuji f track. honda integra touring with 406 hp. lap time of 1:44.986. i dont know if that is good time or not.
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    Tokyo R246

    1:12:809 in the Ferrari F2007, no aids (only track I can do that on)

    I had a 1:11:xxx once, but I didn't take a pic, so that one doesn't count. For now.

    DS3 user by the way.

    EDIT: sorry, didn't see you were talking about GT4. My bad.
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    Because this is for GT4 only. ;)
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    Nurburgring Nordschleife 5.56 ford GT LM traction cont 2, ABS 4 700+BHP
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    I got 52.937 seconds on Tokyo R246 with my Red Bull X2010 (1,557 HP). It took a lot of work, but I finally broke my old record of 54.553 seconds.
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    ^ Welcome to GTP, but remember that this thread is ONLY for GT4 lap times. ;)