Prices of Consoles May go up.

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Will you still buy Next-Gen if it costs more?

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  1. TJ13

    TJ13 Premium

    United States
    So now with news hitting that "Trump" will impose a 25% import tax on gaming consoles because they are manufactured in China said to increase in "next-Gen" consoles. (Analyst said an increase of 10% is likely added to the consumer)

    (Quick Math)

    If PS5/XB2 cost 599.99 (USD)
    Max sales tax of 9.47% in the US (56.81 usd)
    Equals to 656.81 USD
    10% "Import tax" on consumers (65.68 usd)
    Equals to 722.49 usd for "next-gen" consoles. (Now this is max price in the US)

    What do you think on this?
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  2. Tornado


    Production would be shuffled around if they were actually ready to release and the tariff was in effect. Production costs would rise somewhat (though early on in a system's life it is usually component costs that is the main portion of the price, so Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo may just eat the cost themselves), but game consoles have been built in countries other than China before; including even this console generation.
  3. Robin

    Robin Premium

    United Kingdom
    Depending on how long the tariffs are in place, if it looks like it's going to go on a while they would likely shift final assembly to somewhere else.
  4. kikie

    kikie Premium

    I don't think the prices will affect Europe but if they do, and the new consoles are worth it, I would still buy one.
  5. MikeV27

    MikeV27 Premium

    A PS4 pro will cost you well over $500 here, I will not be surprised to see that number hit 700 or 800 for the next gen consoles. Voted maybe, I'm still not sure if I will get the next Playstation or just splurge on a good PC setup instead. I like the convenience of consoles but I haven't really been happy with my console experience with the current gen.
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  6. Corsa

    Corsa Premium

    I'd spend $500-700 on a new graphics card long before I'd spend that on a console.
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  7. Rallywagon

    Rallywagon Premium

    United States
    I've had my ps4 pro for just over a year now and I don't really put much time in on it. When I have time to game, I generally spend it playing the games I have on PC. The games I like tend to require a keyboard and mouse over a controller, which is awkward most places but a desk. Where I will eventually find value, is once we are moved and I can put together my racing rig. I'll be getting one of the adapters to get the G27 hooked up.
    And this is where I get back on topic. For me, getting the next, next gen depends greatly on its prowess as a gaming rig, and not simply a console. Its functionality with peripherals, how the GUI is set up. Cross platform compatibility is so obvious, I wish Sony would lighten up on that.
    At this point though, I just dont know that a console is the right direction for me.
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  8. GTV0819

    GTV0819 (Banned)

    I'd buy the newer generation console once it comes out if that's the case.
  9. PocketZeven


    I prefer buying consoles during the middle of their cycle (approx. 3 years). Most of the time during a price decrease or release of an updated model. That way I can decide much better if its worth the price and importantly I have much more choice in games. Also I have many games I still need to finish on the previous gen.
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