problem/bug - Player Level different online vs local!?

Hi guys,

I didn't catch other talking about this so I wonder... On GT Sport, on the upper right corner my player level is now 15, but on the profile page/menu, on the upper left corner, my level is 11. And this happened already 2 days ago, I keep on playing, online, Arcade, Sport and Career, publishing photos, livery etc, advancing and winning cars and etc, my progress (that I assume is local) on the upper right corner continues to increase the player level, but the player level on the profile page (upper left corner and that I assume its online) stays the same.

Can anyone explain this?

Thank you guys!


May the force be with you
Top Valley, NG5
Thats the save issues from yesterday if yours are not yet synced and you dont sync them your going to lose all you have doner back to the profile page