Problem copying pictures to Android phone

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    First of all I'm not sure where I should post this thread as it falls into multiple categories. Technically it's related to GT5 photos but that subsection is dead. Also could've posted in the Computers & Tech forum but the problem is more related with pictures than phones so...

    So last night I was cleaning out my phone files, backing up photos to my PC, etc. I have an Android Nokia 8 and Windows 10 PC. I was copying files to & fro as usual, but then when I tried to move old GT photomode pics to my phone the copy process just freezes. I had to force unplug my phone to unfreeze my computer. On the phone, the picture was there, but when I reconnected it again to PC, accessing the folder that contains the problematic photo will freeze my computer again. I had to delete the problematic photo on the phone, and everything will be ok. Accessing all other folders on the phone did not bring about freezing. Only the specific pictures folder containing the GT photomode pic.

    After lots of trial and error testing, I discovered that the freezing problem only occurs with Gran Turismo 5 pics, specifically one with "Copyright 2010" in the Properties > Details menus. GT5 pics that have been modified and GT6/GTS pics have no problems, despite also featuring "Copyright 20XX" in the properties.

    As a workaround I just converted the problematic pics from jpg to png, which removes the Copyright and I can copy it over normally. Erasing the Details menu manually doesn't work (it shows an error "Parameter is incorrect" or something).

    Very weird as I never had this problem before. The only change has been the recent phone update to Android 9 Pie. I'm just wondering if anyone has similar issues? Or is this part of the EU data protection law thingamabob? Or GT5 copyright automatically lapses and prevents any pictures tagged with it from being distributed?
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    I remember back in GT5 that Photoshop gave an alert when trying to open an image created by GT5 photomode. But it still worked, despite the refusal.
    The following solutions are working for me with any image material, though I did not test GT5 images (why should I? :))

    Transferring images from computer to phone:
    - Telegram Messenger installed on computer and phone
    Copy the image out of any viewing application and paste it to a conversation window with yourself (saved files). Now you have access to the picture/s on your phone.

    - Dropbox (app or any browser)
    Upload images to your dropbox account via dropbox app or browser and download them to your phone vice versa.

    Hopefully these hints are helpful. Good luck!