ProDrive WRX STi sub 7:00 minute Nordschleife Car

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    IMG_2565.JPG IMG_2566.JPG View attachment 673308 View attachment 673308 So the videos are out of the ProDrive Subaru time attack car taking in the Nurburgring in July 2017. There are some specs posted, mainly HP, but combined with ProDrive's 2016's version used for Isle of Man here's a replica for GT6.

    Impreza Sedan WRX STi '10 painted Ultra Blue
    RM tires
    100/100 ride height
    6.00/5.75 springs
    4/4 compression
    4/4 extension
    4/4 anti roll
    O.o/0.0 camber
    -0.10/0.45 toe
    8/5 brakes

    168 mph transmission
    3.800 final

    7/25/13 7/25/13 LSD F/R
    Triple plate clutch, torque dist 35/65

    565 HP - Stage 3, Computer, Racing Exhaust, Isometric Exhaust, sports Cat, Intake Tuning, High Range Turbo, oil change - note real car is listed as 600 HP but can't tune that high. In any case top speed is 183 mph on the 6 mile straight or 176 mph just past the Bilstein sign which is about right. Since GT6 has the aero Cd wrong less power than actual will give truer results. The top speed tests confirm.

    Custom rear wing setting 18

    59/41 weight - note real car is 52/48 but didn't want to ballast with power deficit.

    Stage 3 weight, Carbon hood, window weight.

    All In you get a 600 PP car, 565 HP and 1221 kg. 478 ft-lbs torque,

    And a routine 6:59 lap!

    Note also the 2016 ProDrive car carried GT signage.
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