XBOne Project Cars 1st impressions from a Forza/Gran Turismo/Papyrus/Crammond Fan

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  1. TonyJZX


    We have a few shops here going out of business so there seems to be some ok deals for games. I saw PCars for sale PS4/Xbox version for the price of a fancy lunch so I stopped by and bought the Xbox copy after all the PS4 copies seemed to have gone.

    Ok, drove home and fired up the Xbox after about 2 weeks.

    4pm. 498Mb Xbox update. Yeah great, lets seem how long this takes. My service provider takes a dirt nap at 3pm when the schoolkids get home.

    Put in the PCars disk. No word of a lie, the thing was still installing at 8pm. It actually wasnt "installing" as such, it was downloading an unknown size update.

    It allowed me to "play" if you mean a 2 lap race at Yas Marina in GTP cars ONLY.

    By about 9pm I was actually playing the game. I suppose this is the insane normal Xbox procedure.

    The config menu is horrendously painful. I wanted to config the controlled so the buttons instead of bumpers could be used as a manual box and it constantly complained about 'unconfigured buttons' but wouldnt show me which ones were 'unconfigured'. After finally getting that done I did a few laps on tracks and cars already in Forza or GT so I could compare.

    As far as GFX goes I think on an empty track, just hotlapping it feels like it touches 60fps with generally unimpressive but workable quality but good clarity (its 900p right?).

    I could feel that the console did not like me doing hairpin bends as if its frame skipping or something. To be fair Forza 5 did the to some degree too.

    The cars feel like their weight is 'unresolved'. Like the Ford V8 Supercar in Forza feels like 2 tons of steel. The one in Pcars doesnt. Granted the PCars version sounds more realistic, it has the squeaks and groans like a real car. Pcars seems like they actually recorded and drove a real car, Turn 10 didnt.

    Overall I'd say the cars I've tried, which is mainly the road and the lower GTE type cars dont feel like they do a heap to distinguish themselves from one another.

    The RUF seemed to have heaps of tyre 'feel'. The Renault FWD hatch thing didnt. I feel like I'm getting a lot of 'tyre' information but not a lot of chassis information.

    I kind of sound like I'm wanting PCars to 'feel' like Forza or GT but I feel like those, Forza especially is very 'chatty' thru the controller, its tells me too much and its up to me to filter what I 'need to know' to race the car and whats there just for 'flavor'. PCars feels like its not telling me enough. I also kind of want to feel like I can drift a car and catch and hold it and as yet, I'm not anywhere near that with PCars.

    I might have a look at the controller tuning options but yeah, its not clicking with me.
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  2. FuriousDemon


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    Ah...you're playing with the controller. That explains that. Game's feel's not very good without a wheel.
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  3. Bjorn Lucas

    Bjorn Lucas

    Return your game for a ps4 version,... Then comeback here ;)
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    I had a T300 for 6 months then Sold it, So i tried to play PCars for 4 to 5 weeks with a control pad and found it unplayable so went and purchased a G29...Game with a wheel is the best sim i've ever played without a wheel i'd advise people to stay away.
  5. bleeder


    You should really update your info then (Bought - T300, T3PA Pedals, Omega Pro Cockpit - Now just awaiting Project Cars!) ;)
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    I really should it's all changed haha
  7. oik01


    GT fan here. Ive been playing project cars a few days and im not sure its better than GT even on the ps3. The number of cars is very underwhelming in comparison, and the career mode is less diverse. I liked the idea of being able to buy a million cars, go into whichever kind of race you felt like at the time a lot better. The handling and graphics are pretty similar in my opinion ( granted im not that good at racing so my opinion doesn't matter all that much probably!). The one place both games falter in my opinion is online. They need to have a good iRacing like setup where you can build up an online career and move up through the races. That would give you a lot more motivation to race online I feel
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    No FR issues or screen tear at all on PS4?