Project Cars 2 PS4: Indianapolis 500

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    A few of my buddies and I are interested putting together an online race later in the month of May.

    It'll be the Indianapolis 500. Currently, we have five entries. We'd love to have a full field of 12 starters max. However, we're accepting up to 16 entries. If we exceed our max number of starters, we'll have a Bump Day qualifying session. If we have 12 or less, then everyone will make the race.

    Here's the plan (most likely scenario) for qualifying with 12 or less entries:

    - We'll set up a two-hour qualifying session although we probably won't need the entire time.

    - Each racer will put up a four-lap average. Someone will record each lap time, add them up and divide by four. That will be your four-lap average, even if you set the fastest lap time overall.

    - During the first 90 minutes of the qualifying session, you will be allowed unlimited qualifying attempts. Each racer will get at least one attempt. Second attempts and more will be allowed after each racer has made one attempt.

    - If a racer wants to have another qualifying attempt, they must withdraw their previous time. When nobody else wants to make an attempt or we pass 90 minutes, we will move on to the Front Row Shootout.

    - The Top 3 will participate in one-shot qualifying for pole position. One attempt to complete the four-lap average. 4th starting position and back already set from initial round of qualifying. Final 30 minutes dedicated to Front Row Shootout.

    In the event that we have more than 12 entries:

    - Same qualifying procedures above apply, minus a few changes. Bump Day qualifying will occur. Only 12 make the field.

    - After the first 90 minutes of qualifying with unlimited attempts are complete, we will follow through with the Front Row Shootout, involving the Top 3 fastest in the initial round of qualifying.

    - Top 9 locked in. After the initial round of qualifying, positions 4-9 are set. No other attempts will be made by these racers. Only Front Row (Top 3) and Last Row (10th and back) will make another attempt.

    - Front Row Shootout rules remain the same as mentioned above. One-shot qualifying.

    - For the Last Row Shootout, drivers who initially qualified 10th and back will all get one attempt to make a four-lap qualifying run. It will be averaged.

    - Last Row Shootout will take place the day after the Front Row Shootout. It will be a one-hour qualifying session. Each racer will get at least one attempt. If time allows, they will have the opportunity for multiple attempts to lock themselves into the field.

    Let me know if you're interested!!!