Project Cars Database V1.5.0 now with gear overview

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    A new update of my database is now available.
    I have started every car in the game and checked that car if it shifts sequencieel or with an H pattern and if this happens with the stick or with the paddles , and I also indicate how many gears the car has. My database provides the most acurate and latest data about gearing in Project Cars.

    Version 1.5.0 changes:

    Type of shift (H or +/-), Paddles or stick and number of gears added in a new columns.
    All the cars in the database and FFB settings are now named as they are named in the car pictures.
    Metric and imperial database overview is created with a print button.
    Database v1.5.0 (DB only) is created.

    You can download the V1.5.0 version directly with this link (392,6mb).

    Checkout this link for the much smaller Database only version (233kb).
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