Project Cars GOTY : save compatibility

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by thomZ, May 31, 2016.

  1. thomZ


    Hi all,

    I had a copy of PCars (PS4) which I decided to sell to purchase the GOTY Edition. Instead of purchasing the "On demand" DLC I wanted to purchase the genuine GOTY version because of better packaging etc.

    I insert the GOTY Edition in my PS4 and the game asks me to choose a level, to configure my buttons and to start a "Quick Race" weekend event just like a "new player".

    It seems that both games are not compatible and that it's impossible to load the data used in the regular version of the game for the GOTY one. That sucks because I had a quite complete career, a lot of settings and race strategy which cannot be used anymore.

    That's really a shame. I'll see if this can be fixed, if not I'll have to return the game to the shop.
  2. Bealdor


    Unfortunately the GOTY version has a different game ID than the regular one.
    Therefore your saves won't work I'm afraid.