Project ToyoRati: FR-S with a Maserati V8...

United States
United States
I'm currently in the early build and planning stages of the project.

The What :. SCCA Time Trials Max category is a pretty much open ruleset, save a few small pieces, factory car wheelbase, engines must remain in the same origination, no tube frames.

I'm working to build a Scion FRS for this category, in the Max 3 ruleset. What that means, 2500lbs or 95% of factory weight with driver. NA factory engines under 4.5l or Factory turbo engines under 2.9l.

I'm going to be using a Maserati F136s, 4.2l and 395hp with dry sump oiling from the factory.

The Why : a certain group of competitors think the Cayman GT4 cannot be beat in that class. My goal is to prove them wrong. By a lot.

The When : TTNats 2023, October 12th, to be specific

The How : a lot of sleepless nights, bounced checks, blood, sweat, and a lot of tears.

I'm chronicling the process on YouTube, because why not? tps://

Lemme know what you guys think!
Maserati engine in a Scion/Toyota/Subaru?

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Yup, its insane, dumb, over-ambitious, and I hope it is as awesome as I am dreaming it to be.

The majority of my updates will be in that playlist.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer any questions in a timely fashion.
Just an update since I haven't had a video in a while.

I am still waiting for some odds and ends to be delivered.

I designed a bronze bushing for the shift housing that has o-rings in it, once the bushing shows up I can finalize the housing for the shifter and get it made and move onto the cable linkage next.

I'm also waiting on a few more parts to be 3D printed for the torque tube. I have the basic design for the transmission side of the driveshaft to transmission input shaft made up and a friend is printing it. Once that is done, I can test assemble all of the components for the torque tube on the transmission side. I'm having to make a slight redesign of the clutch side of the torque tube flange to allow the higher engine speed of the F136 to not nuke the bearing that works for the Corvette. I hope to have that figured out and finalized pretty quick.

Once that is all done, I will be able to start the process of mounting the engine and transmission!
Weekly update, because I don't have a video to post today.

Ok, I just placed the order for my shift selector housing assembly. I made some minor changes to the plans on the design. I ended up having the threads cut into the design so I didn't have to deal with the effort, and possibly breaking a tap inside of a something so important.

1st photo is the topside view

2nd is the housing I have designed in relation to the Ferrari/Maserati actuator

3rd is Underside of my design

ETA on this part is 3 weeks.

I have the input shafts for the propeller shaft of the torque tube drawn up and pretty much finalized. My next step on this is to get that put into an engineering drawing and the machine shop will get that part rolling, add that to another thing I have never done before and need to learn. the material will be in 8620 and then heat treated. roughly 8-10 weeks out on this at the earliest.

Clutch input shaft is the 4th picture
Transmission input shaft is the 5th picture

The Shifter selector rod is currently with the machine shop and should be getting cut within the next few days. Once I have that done, I will run it over to a plating company and have it coated with electroless nickle to allow it a super smooth and low resistance finish. Just like the manually shifted and controlled Ferrari/Maserati cars. I might have it done within the next 2-3 weeks.

The shifter rod is photo number 6

I just want to add, the propeller shaft design is a direct copy from a C6 corvette, that will have the splines from the Maserati requirements cut into them.
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