[Proposal] Audi eChallenge

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Would you be interested in EV racing?

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  1. Sniparator


    Hey guys,

    I thought about something not so common in online racing - races with EVs. I do know that we don't really have a good selection of raceable electric cars in the game but one solid option, the Audi e-tron VGT.
    This car is not commonly used by players and I think that it actually has some potential to it for proper racing. But to make sure I'd like you guys to give some thoughts on it in the replies below what you think about it. If it's just a random useless thought or if you're actually interested in trying it out.

    Here is roughly, what I planned:

    - 100/100BoP
    - 20-30min race distance
    - on shorter/tight track (f.e. Maggiore East)
    - only one slick compound of tyres
    - 1x tyre deg
    - real physics settings

    I thought about a few just for fun races to check out if it works and, with the right support obviously, plan a series/championship for it.

    Let me know, what you think! :gtpflag: