Draft Proposed Touring Car series

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    Ok, so yes, I know there's a million and one mooted Touring Car championships on this forum that never came to fruition, and yes, most of those were proposed by forum members with more than a handful of posts from 2014 to their name. However, I'd like to think that as championship ideas go, this one is pretty nifty.

    Picture some time in the last decade, the international touring car scene slowly moved away from the S2000 regs towards other regulations; namely either NGTC or TCR. Now what we're doing/trying to do here is introduce a new series somewhere on the same performance scale as BTCC/WTCC etc, but with the caveats of keeping costs down, keeping relative performance parity, and provide decent racing as well.

    The Cars

    Whenever I, or most other Europeans hear the phrase "touring car", we think of small family cars all spruced up, ready to razz around at crazy speeds, and this series looks to keep the essence of that. Selection of car is relatively open, pending approval from your humble overlord (yours truly). Any car entered must have at least 4 doors, and be either a hatchback, saloon/estate, or 4x4 (we all secretly want an Evoque racing car); no coupes or anything. If this series goes ahead I'd expect common sense to prevail on this as is it a bit open to interpretation, but again, I am your humble overlord and anyone running coupes will be dealt with.

    Cars are capped at 300 bhp. Cars must be running at at least 95% (again, open to manipulation by moi) of their peak horse power rating, so as to stop the bonkers power curves you'd get from ramping the power up and then limiting it. Turbos aren't desirable, but in certain cases special dispensation will be allowed.

    Weight wise the cars will be capped at the following minimum weights: 1200kg for FF cars, 1250kg for FR cars, and 1300kg for 4WD cars. Again, as I run my own tests on this, these figures aren't concrete. Again, cars aren't allowed to be stripped out; the maximum ballast allowed to be fitted to bring cars up to minimum weight is 20kg.

    To keep costs lower, and keep the series accessible to all, the only racing tyres allowed are the Hard compound. In the same vein, fully adjustable suspension kits are banned, and your kind and merciful God is weighing up a ban on fully adjustable gear ratios as well. Carbon driveshafts and central differentials are also banned. Aerodynamically speaking, racing kits and spoilers are permitted, but flat floors aren't. Cars may be fitted with custom alloys in the stock manufacturer size.

    The Tracks

    This series will be run on real-world tracks exclusively, with the calendar structured in such a way to minimise travel from one race to the next. The calendar isn't finalised yet but expect 10-12 tracks, with two races on each.

    The Racing

    With this very much in draft mode, it's hard to specify points systems and whatnot, but there will be success ballast in this series; allotted on a race by race basis as well as by Championship rankings. While a little bit of rough and tumble always happens in touring car racing, excessive contact will be punished, and I will have the final say on matters there. Drivers are free to appeal if they feel they've been on the receiving end of excessive contact.

    Given that I'm a total noob in this department I'm not sure how qualifying works for these races, but a point will be available for securing Pole Position. If possible within the game, some kind of reverse grid may be implemented for the second race.

    Any questions would be greatly welcomed, and if anyone wishes to express an interest in this series just holler down below.