Pros and Cons of Horizon?

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  1. justchyllan


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    I want to see what everyone thinks about Horizon outside of a heated debate. Please NO COMPLAINING. Try and speak as if you are providing feedback and constructive criticism.

    It seems hard to find what people like/dislike when we're in a screaming match, so if you plan on crying please don't post.

    That being said I love the physics and the atmosphere of cruising around. I was disappointed that tuning was left out and the overall soft feel. I will admit the car selection is limited, but they can't please everyone, especially loaded on one disc. Interested in what you guys have to say and the changes you would like to see in the next title if they continue Horizon as a series.

  2. DurWinning


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    Open World
    Lots of things to do
    Good amount of cars

    DLC could be better
    Insane amount of fast cars ( Ferrai, Lambo, etc )
  3. hennessey86


    From my perspective
    . Physics
    . Graphics
    . Good car selection
    . Rallying

    . Roads are sometimes to wide in rally
    . DLC has been a bit disappointing
    . The map could be bigger
    . Bigger choice of music stations

    Overall I love horizon, it's a great start to the franchise
  4. Smokey Nismo

    Smokey Nismo

    United Kingdom
    From my view
    .Just about everything

    .Alice. She is essiantely the satnav system in the old BMW M5
    .And most of the rivals (except for one) were all massive swaggering idiots

    Overall though, it's an awesome start to this franchise. Just praying it doesnt end up like TD Unlimited...
  5. Wolfe

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    • Deep, intuitive physics engine with nice details, punishes mistakes
    • Great map, roads are a nice balance between "good for driving" and "plausible", open areas for a little 4x4ing
    • Forza upgrading/customization systems, photomode, quality interior view
    • Online multiplayer is a blast, most fun I've had on XBL since the original Xbox
    • Beautiful to look at, lighting engine is fantastic
    • Nice sounds, modified by upgrades
    • Plenty of great cars, very little fluff or questionable choices
    • Alice and her troupe of blindly arrogant prima donna one-liner delivery vessels
    • Replay cameras and saving function got screwed
    • No traffic online is kind of a downer, freeway racing loses its appeal
    • Awkward UI decisions, removed some options from FM4 for no reason
    • Not very much is new in the stuff pulled from FM4, persistant glitches and physics shortcomings
    • Some engine sounds are a bit off, and the soundtrack is lame
    • No custom race routes, no autox or anything in parking lots, annoyingly restrictive in some places
  6. tomcat66


    My Pros:

    - Almost everything - I especially love to just drive around the map without any goal
    - The physics are very good
    - The AI is very challenging when in "hard" or "insane" setting
    - The map is great looking and nice, but could be bigger
    - The "Playground" games in online mode are very entertaining

    My Cons:

    - "Alice" - her statements are very annoying and because you cannot hear the motor sound when she has something to say, it sometimes is even dangerous for driving
    - The motor sounds could be better (= louder)
    - I would like to "look around" when driving with a wheel, unfortunately turning the head left and right is only possible with a controller

    So all in all: Well done Turn10 and Playground, I hope to see the next Horizon on the new XBOX with better graphics ;-)
  7. Luminis


    - Open world with lots of interesting driving roads
    - Physics (for an open world game)
    - Car selection (for an open world game)
    - Added matte paint
    - AI seems more challenging than in previous Forza games (might be due to where you're racing)
    - AI drivers upgrade their cars (for street races, at least)
    - Dynamic time of day
    - Slightly improved lighting engine
    - Headkights, interior lights, etc.

    - Physics (for a Forza game)
    - Car list (for a Forza game)
    - Restricte for an open world game
    - Lack of tuning
    - No additional visual customization aside from matte paint
    - Story mode is quite short
    - DLC isn't to my liking (and that's very nicely put)
    - Engine sounds are a bit too quiet
    - Alice doesn't know when to shut the hell up
    - Needs some sort of event list
    - Lighting looks awkward at night, in my opinion
    - Imbalanced car list (why, hello there, Ferrari)
  8. TilDawn


    Physics (one of the best arcade physics I've experienced)
    Car selection
    Game concept
    Races and AI
    Interior view

    No tuning
    Few selection of body-kits for most cars
    No weather
    Day-night cycle is too fast
    Engine noise
    Some car models are low quality
    Road design is a little on the simplistic side
    No Porsche
  9. FiftyBelowZero


    Pros: Everything except for what I'll be listing below

    Cons: No Porsche
    No tuning
  10. Speedster911


    Well, I couldn't be bothered about the pros/cons, but as far as the constructive criticism bit is concerned, and if they're planning to release another Horizon game:

    * Tuning should definitely be a part of the game. As drivers, we should have the ability to fine tune our ride. The open road setting has nothing to do with tuning not being available. Of course, they can always throw in an option to have preset tuning defaults for any particular type of race or event

    * Consider keeping the game locked in at 60 fps

    * An exact copy/paste of FM physics. Additional assists can always be included to dumb down the physics, or for those who enjoy a more casual experience

    * There ought to be an option to turn off the arcadey sound effects; volume sliders would be nice - engine, tyres, ambient, other game fx

    * A more photo-realistic look to the game is always welcome

    * Night driving effects should go up a few notches; high/low beams, brake lights beaming off the tarmac etc.

    * Weather effects; rain, hail, dust storm perhaps..working windscreen wipers

    * Tyre and dirt smoke model should be reworked

    Well, that's all for now. Hope this was *constructive*.
  11. IceMan PJN

    IceMan PJN

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    I hate it when people over-simply all racing games into two black and white extremes. Is Horizon more unrealistic than Gran Turismo? Sure. Is it less realistic than core Forza Motorsport games? Yes. Is it just as arcadey as Burnout, Need for Speed, or Project Gotham Racing? No. Thusly, it's unfair to equate it to Cruis'n USA or Ridge Racer, but when we just lump games into "arcade" that's what we're doing. Horizon could be a lot more arcadey than it is.
  12. Wolfe

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    I agree, it's sad how people dumped on this game for being anything less than 100% dedicated to simulation.
    To be honest, I would put my vote down as Horizon being more realistic than Gran Turismo. It has the same advantages over GT5 that FM4 has -- torque steer, tire deformation, better oversteer simulation, etc. -- and models the unbalanced characteristics of MR/RR cars more accurately. The tire model in Horizon may be too grippy (while GT has its lower-tier tires), and it may lack details such as tire temperature, but the way cars move about is closer to the real thing.

    I guess which details are more important depends on the individual, but it only underscores your point about how everything isn't black and white. :tup:
  13. Speedster911


    OP, Horizon is an OK game as long as you don't expect too much of the Forza feeling at play. For a fact, it is a game by Playground Games that borrows elements from Forza.

    So long as you can look past no crash simulation, seriously limited tyre and dirt smoke, cartoony graphics and somewhat basic car models at times, as well as a lack of certain tuning options, you might enjoy it.

    For another fact, if you generally enjoy non-serious open road racing games, you might get a lot of mileage out of this one.

    However, if you're one of those hardcore gearhead sim fans, keep clear!

    Folks, this was not a Horizon bashing response, but if you must give flak, then I say bring it on! :D
  14. ReDMySTiC


    I think that Horizon is a great game, i just think that the DLC could have been done a little better.. and the selection of cars could have been a little broader, and some other obvious problems that have already been stated.

    There is no Porsche because the licensing to put it into the game is unavailable(Gran Turismo shares this same problem), EA still has that licensing... but RUF will have to do for the time being :sly:
  15. Ryan81


    Horizon is a fine game. My only real gripe is the fact that the open world is only 63 sq miles in size, compared to 222? for Ibiza in TDU2, not to mention Oahu.
    Also, there's just far more in the way of inhabited towns, cities and villages in TDU. Horizon has a lot of empty (though spectacular) vistas interspersed with the odd tiny town e.g. Beaumont.
    I would have liked a bit more motorways in Horizon, too. There's only about a couple of 3-4 mile stretches in the game. In TDU2, you can travel for most of the duration east-west on Oahu for a good 25-30 miles on wide motorways, not to mention a decent amount north-south.
    Even Ibiza has the west-east Sant Antoni-Eivissa dual-carriageway which is about 12 miles.
  16. Master Weasel

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    I agree, I do wish the map was a bit larger. Although for some weird reason, I don't feel bored of driving down the same roads. The only part of the map I truly dislike driving on is the road to Red Rock (the canyon area). Too boxed in and one-wayish for me. There should have been another route added to get to Red Rock.