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    The PRT Online Racing League will include two Series*: The PRT Endurance Series (PRTES) and PRT RallyX Sprint Series (PRTRX). Each Series will consist of an 8-week Season with a Championship Race in the 8th Week. In both series, racers will be required to race with the same car throughout the entire season, including number and livery. To avoid Flavor of the Month gameplay (because a field of all Beetles would be horrendous), there may be no more than 2 of the same car in play. Car selection for the Inaugural Season will be first come, first served. Car selection for subsequent seasons is addressed below.

    Details of each Series are as follows:

    PRT RallyX Sprint Series:

    PRTRX Events will consist of 1-to-3 Lap Sprint races in Group B Rally Cars. BoP will be employed to ensure a competitive Power-to-Weight Ratio on competing cars.

    Grid Start
    Tyre Restrictions - None
    Tyre Wear - Off
    Fuel Consumption - Off
    Boost - Off
    Slipstream Strength - Real
    Visible Damage - On
    Mechanical Damage - Off
    Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge - Real
    Race Finish Delay - 30 seconds
    Ghosting - None
    Flag Rules - Off

    PRTRX Events will include a 10 minute Practice session and a Grid Start. Starting order will be automatically determined by the fastest lap time from the Practice session.

    Racers will be scored individually using the following system:

    1st Place - 10 points
    2nd Place - 8 points
    3rd Place - 6 points
    4th Place - 5 points
    5th Place - 3 points
    6th Place and lower - 1 point
    Pole - 1 point
    Fastest Lap - 1 point

    The maximum number of points a racer can attain in a single week is 12.

    PRT Endurance Series:

    PRTES Events will consist of 100 mile Endurance races in GT3 Cars. BoP will be employed to ensure a competitive Power-to-Weight Ratio on competing cars.

    Grid Start
    Tyre Restrictions - None
    Tyre Wear - 1x
    Fuel Consumption - 2x
    Boost - Off
    Slipstream Strength - Real
    Visible Damage - On
    Mechanical Damage - Light
    Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge - Real
    Race Finish Delay - 180 seconds
    Ghosting - Off
    Shortcut Penalty - Weak
    Flag Rules - On

    Tyre wear and fuel consumption are set to achieve an ideal necessity of pitting at least twice. (Yellow Flag rules may be turned off if it is found to detract from a fun racing experience for all).

    PRTES Events will include a 15 minute Practice session, a Qualifier and a Grid Start. During the Qualifier, all racers will clear the track, waiting in Pit Road or in Spectate mode until called upon. Once called, the racer will have an Out Lap exiting pit lane, followed by a single Qualifying Lap. This lap will determine their Qualifying time for that event.

    Racers will be paired into 2 driver teams based on car selection. If not enough same-car pairs are available, then those with matching cars will be teamed first and the rest of the racers will be teamed randomly. In order to avoid two dominant racers always pairing up, teammates will be assigned. Racers will be scored both individually and as a team using the following system:

    1st Place - 16 points
    2nd Place - 15 points
    3rd Place - 14 points
    4th Place - 13 points
    5th Place - 12 points
    6th Place - 11 points
    7th Place - 10 points
    8th Place - 9 points
    9th Place - 8 points
    10th Place - 7 points
    11th Place - 6 points
    12th Place - 5 points
    13th Place - 4 points
    14th Place - 3 points
    15th Place - 2 points
    16th Place - 1 point
    Pole - 3 points
    Fastest Lap - 1 point

    Team scores will consist of the combined points of both that team's drivers. Example: Driver 1 wins Pole and finishes 3rd for a total of 17 points. Driver 2 finishes 9th for 8 points. That team's total for the Event is then 25 points.

    The maximum number of points an individual racer can attain in a single week is 20.

    The Stakes:

    The winner of the PRTRX Championship will determine the tracks for both the Opening Week and Championship Race of the following PRTRX Season.

    The individual winner of the PRTES Championship will receive a $10 PSN Store Card, or the equivalent denomination for their region (Pounds, Euros, Spacebucks, whatever). The drivers of the winning team in the PRTES Championship will determine the tracks for the Opening Week and Championship Race of the following PRTES Season.

    In both Series, car selection for the next season will take place in order from last place to first place, much like professional sports draft pick order in North America (worst team picks first). In this way, we hope to ensure that everyone gets a chance to drive the cars they love and that any given driver who dominates with a specific car cannot simply continue to do so over and over again - and, as mentioned above, avoidance of FotM gameplay.

    In the Event of a Tie:

    In the event of a tie in the PRTES Indivisual Championship, we will look to the following factors to break the tie:

    Wins > Podiums > Top 5's > Poles > Fastest Laps

    If it is somehow still tied after all of those factors are taken into account, the winner will be decided by a 2 lap sprint race on the Tokey East Inner Loop.

    Missing Events:

    If you are unable to participate in an event, you will receive 1 point for that week's event as if you had participated and finished last.


    If during an event you must exit the race, you will be scored based on your final place. If one driver is DNF, they will be last place and receive 1 point. If, for example, 3 drivers are DNF, the first to retire is placed last, next 15th, and finally the last driver to DNF is 14th. Each will be scored accordingly.

    *Provided enough interest, we may grow to include a Rally Series in the future.
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    PRT Endurance Series

    PRTES General Guidelines

    1. First, understand that all rules are subject to change. It is our hope that this Online Racing League grows to be an inclusive gaming community encompassing racers of all skill levels and backgrounds. In order to achieve this, we will aim to set out a series of guidelines that support a fun and fair environment for everyone. As time goes on, we will see how the posted rules are contributing or detracting from that goal and adjust them as necessary. Rule adjustments will always be posted here.

    2. It is the responsibility of the racers to familiarize themselves with the PRTES rules. Some of you will have participated in other ORLs and much of this will seem like common sense to you. Others will be new to the concept and some rules will be less intuitive. If you are unclear on a given rule, please feel free to post a topic in the forum and we will clarify it for you. There are no stupid questions, and veteran racers will be just as heppy to help as PRTES Marshalls.

    3. Racers are expected to compete in a fair and honest manner, in such a way as to not ruin the enjoyment of your fellow racers - i.e.: CLEAN. Incidental contact is just that, incidental. If you are put off the track, or into a wall, or spun out by a fellow racer in a PRTES event, do not retaliate. Give that racer the benefit of the doubt that it was an honest mistake. PRTES Marshalls will see the incident in review and take action if any is warranted. More on Racing Rules below.

    4. Try to maintain an attitude of good sportsmanship, both in game and here on the PRTES boards. While some friendly ribbing is natural, do not troll or outright insult each other here on these boards. If you have a grievance with another racer, be it for racing conduct or forum conduct, you are expected to contact a PRTES Marshall, not create dramabomb threads on these boards.

    5. The judgment of PRTES Marshalls is final. We will seek to have at least two (2) Marshalls involved in every race. Both will have seen any given incident and reach consensus regarding same before any judgment is passed, but once that consensus is reached, the matter is closed to further debate. If you feel that you were done wrong by another racer and the final race results do not seem to indicate that any penalty was applied, you can use the Incident Reporting process detailed below. Dramabomb threads ("So-and-so put me into the @%^&! wall!") will be deleted without review of the racing incident and you may have your posting privileges suspended or removed.

    6. At the end of the day, it is a racing simulation game. We all want to have fun, and none of us are being paid for any of this. Let's all keep it fun and friendly and enjoy this hobby together!

    PRTES Racing Guidelines

    1. Contacts and collisions must be avoided at all costs.

    2. Pushing other cars in turns or pushing them off the track is strictly prohibited.

    3. Leaning on other cars is strictly prohibited in any situation.

    4. Some contact through a corner or through a pass may not be avoidable and may be deemed "incidental" should it not appear to affect the likely outcome of the section in question.

    5. The behind driver must take all necessary care and responsibility not to run into an ahead driver.

    5a. In case you brake too late for a corner or partially lose control of your car, you must do your best to avoid making the loss of control into a bigger incident. Some contact may be unavoidable in these situations, but you are expected to minimize the impact of it to the best of your ability. If this means turning your car into a wall or off the track to avoid contact, that is what you are expected to do.

    5b. The ahead driver must not do any malicious or inappropriate braking or slowing. Leading cars MUST NOT EVER 'brake check' the car(s) behind them because they are following too closely. The ahead driver IS entitled to be slower or use longer and earlier braking zones than others. They are also entitled to turn in earlier or later and/or apex earlier or later. The ahead driver should not make a drastic or sudden change to their line through a corner.

    6. There will be one week between events, so every racer is expected to have put in practice time for an upcoming race. Understand the limitations of your car and yourself and drive accordingly. Familiarity with the car and track is expected. Do not go into a Sunday event without knowing your braking points, turn in points, apexes, etc.

    7. If there is contact between drivers that results in the guilty driver making up places on the innocent driver, the guilty driver may allow the innocent driver to pass freely to re-establish their position at the earliest safe place to do so. Doing so will negate any penalty time that would have been applied by PRTES Marshalls for said contact. If the situation in-race is such that doing so would mean surrendering position to drivers who were not involved in the incident, the guilty driver is not expected to wait for the innocent driver. Penalty time will be applied and their final position in the race results may be impacted.

    7a. If contact is made causing you to lose control of your vehicle and this contact is deemed to have been your own fault, do not expect the other driver to be penalized for running you off the road. A good example is seen in this video at 11:57

    I had pulled even with the other racer and held the inside line. He turned into me, presumably attempting to push me into the grass and bully me off my line, but instead I held on and he lost control of his car. Hilarity ensued.

    8. When approaching the turn/apex of turn, the car which "holds" the inner side of turn has entrance-advantage and other driver(s) must refrain from endangering him by his actions.

    9. You must establish substantial overlap with the car ahead before they reach the corner’s turn-in point to have the right to drive up their inside, or to expect them to leave inside room for you. At least the front of your car should be up to the driver’s position in the ahead car. The ahead driver has the right to be fully committed to the racing line of their choice without any interference if there was no substantial overlap before he turned in. The ahead driver must not abruptly change their line through a corner for any reason.

    9a. If sufficient overlap is established before the turn-in point, then the behind driver has the right to sufficient side room. The ahead driver must also leave sufficient side room for the behind driver. This means that each driver has a right to their respective "line", or side of the track, right up to the exit point. Neither driver should squeeze the other toward the inside or outside of the corner during the apex or exit.

    9b. The turn in point is the point at which the leading car begins their turn into the corner on their chosen line. It is not necessarily the first move toward the apex. It is the move that commits the lead driver to their chosen line. Example: A gradual move toward the apex followed by a sharper turn would mean that the sharper turn would be the turn in point. Example: Multiple turning movements approaching the turn would mean that the final turning movement would be the turn in point. This point may vary from the point at which you turn into the corner.

    9c. If an ahead driver has clearly made an error to warrant a passing move, a behind driver may attack their position, with due caution and care, regardless of whether there was any pre-existing overlap. However, the overtaking driver must still avoid contact. Small errors by the ahead driver may not necessarily justify a passing move. The ahead driver getting a bit out of shape at times doesn’t give you an automatic right to force a pass. You still have to pass safely and without undue contact. The ahead driver must not make any sudden changes to their line in an attempt to defend their position in this situation.

    10. Drivers are expected to set buttons up for side and rear views as "I didn't see you" is not an excuse if you collide with another driver when racing.

    11. Leading cars have the right to choose their own line down a straight. They can change their racing line once while driving down a straight (Move from the outside line to the inside, or vice versa). As they approach the next corner, they can return to the racing line of their choice. They are allowed to change their line when the behind driver is directly behind and changes his line to try and make a pass. However, if your movement causes an accident, you are responsible.

    12. Leading cars have the right to take their line of choice through corners. I.e.: they may drive a defensive line around the inside of a corner to protect their position, thereby forcing an attacking driver to try to pass around the outside. This is not blocking and is part of normal racing etiquette. In fact, a leading driver can drive any line which they feel is the most inconvenient for any following car to try to pass them. This does not mean that the lead driver may change their line mid-corner in an attempt to block a fellow competitor.

    13. Backmarkers (drivers that are about to get lapped) have to make sure not to interfere with the lapping cars. The driver being lapped should stay on the racing line but slow down just enough to allow the lead driver an easy pass. Keep your racing line predictable and try to stay out of the way.

    14. "Pausing" the game to allow your car to autodrive through corners is prohibited. If a real life situation comes up and you need to pause the game for more than 1 lap, you should complete your current lap, take the car into Pit Road and exit the race from there. Please avoid exiting the race in traffic unless absolutely necessary as this sudden removal of a car may distract and disrupt other racers.

    15. Ghosted cars may not overtake other cars by moving through them. You may overtake a ghosted car by moving through it if avoiding it would cause you to lose control of your own car. In PRTES League races, the ghosting feature is set to Off, but the game will occasionally ghost a car that has spun out or come to a complete stop regardless of this event setting.

    16. A car exiting Pit Road must respect the Merging Line. Failure to do so will result in a 10 second penalty.

    17. If for any reason you know prior to a race you’ll be unable to attend, please advise us by posting on the thread as soon as possible. An advanced notice of 24 hours is expected. Notices inside of 24 hours are still expected. This is so that we may notify a registered reserve racer if any are available. If you fail to attend multiple consecutive events, your status may be changed to inactive. Real life always comes first, but there may be other racers waiting for an opportunity to participate.
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    Events will be scheduled for Sundays, beginning at 12pm Eastern. A test event will be scheduled soon, but the Inaugural Season will begin on February 11th, 2018, the Sunday after the Super Bowl!