PS4 CRAP pCARS - Clean Varied Race Session Thu 18 Jun 8pm BST (GMT+1)

United Kingdom
Near Reading, Uk
I'll be hosting a room using a variety of cars and tracks chosen by me or other CRAP members. Send me a friend request if you want to join in.

Force Realistic Aids: Yes
Damage: Performance Impacting
Mechanical Failures: Off

Private room: Send me a friend request
Qualifying 5 minutes only
Laps: 8 Laps (most circuits)
AI cars will be used if necessary at 70%

Crap members below copied for alert - any issue doing this let me know.

@esio trot
@dee 54
@lancashire lad
@Spooky Wooky
@OooAhh Cantona

[S]@EgotisticSphinx[/S] replaced by @moeom
@Captain Roh
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