PS4 GT7 disc on PS5

Can I use my PS4 disc on a PS5 disc version console? If so does it require the $10 upgrade? Will I be able to access all my current data if I use the same account to play on the PS% that I was using on my PS4?
THANK YOU. Was wondering if there was any advantage to doing the upgrade?
To give a bit more detail on what Famine said, you can play the PS4 version on your PS5 but it's still the PS4 version of the game so you get less detail on the environments on circuits and the cars, some features like the Sophy AI and 4 player splitscreen are exclusive to the PS5 version and if you race Sport Mode matchmaking will be segregated so in daily races you will only race against other PS4 players 99.9% of the time (if the game can't fill a PS5 lobby with any DR it will eventually use the PS4 players but that is very rare).

All of the important data is saved to the Gran Turismo server so you can switch between PS4/5 version as often as you want and all your cars will still be there.
THANK YOU. Was wondering if there was any advantage to doing the upgrade?
The benefits to paying the upgrade fee are so that you can enjoy the PS5 version of the game, so long as you have the PS4 disc put into the PS5. For features, one example is you can gain access to the “adaptive trigger”/inbuilt resistance functionality of the L2+R2 triggers that are part of your DualSense PS5 controller. Another upgrade, so to speak, is that the graphic fidelity, like the lighting when racing, will be an improvement (so long as your TV resolution and functions support it), although I’m not entirely sure about this; it’s been a while since I’ve upgraded mine from PS4 disc on PS5 to PS5 version, so I cannot remember well what exactly are the features unlocked.
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