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Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Ellis, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Ellis

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    Really irritating issue and I cannot find the resolution to this issue or anywhere.

    I have been having issues with my connection to the PS4 party in the sense that I can join fine, my voice is clear but after 15 minutes or so, I get kicked from the party without an error code. It does not remove me from the game I am playing online and I can join pretty much back straight away. No other internet devices are having issues and my connection is wired (Powerline adapters). Has anyone else had this issue and if so what was the fix/suggested fix?

    Things I have tried:
    - Resetting the router
    - Contacting my ISP to check the line, no issues at all
    - Checked the PS4 error log, no errors
    - Port Forwarding
    - Preference to my Ethernet powerline adapter via the router
    - Moved the router away from plug sockets (yes this was a suggestion by the guy from my ISP