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    Ok I know it is early and this is the Project Cars 1 thread, but while there is no racing series forum for PCars 2 yet I thought it would be a good idea to see who would be interested in this. This is all just based on what we know so far so things could change.

    Project Cars 2 Rallycross

    This series is aimed towards novices, as I don't see very many out there for people just beginning to learn how to race. If people make a mistake let's not shout and scream crashes do happen. It's all part of learning. Setups will be stock as to make it a level field.

    Info - Races will be held every week to every two weeks. Drivers will be set into two different groups. There will be 7 race days. Race days will be Wednesdays starting at 7pm UK Time. Qualifying will then start at 7:30pm. The first group of drivers will do their qualifying and then the first race will get under way. After the first race the second group of drivers will then do their qualifying and first race. Going into the second race drivers will do one lap so that the starting grid will be in reverse order on the previous race this makes it more open. The drivers not involved in each of the races will retire to garage as soon as the race begins and vice versa.

    Practice - Half an hour practice session starting at 7pm until 7:30pm. More practice can be done in your own time. We will be holding a practice session a week before the first race also.

    Qualifying - The first group of drivers will go out and do a one lap shootout, meaning you get your warm up lap and then a hot lap to set your time, this will mix up the grid. Drivers will go out in threes. This making qualifying quick and simple and less cars on track means less chance of a mistake/crash. If you mess up your lap there is no second chance, you have too hope someone else makes a mistake.

    Race - 4 races two heats each between two different groups of drivers both being 10 - 15 laps and then a semi final and final. All races will include joker laps.

    The Semi Finals will be 8 laps long.

    The Final will be 8 laps long.

    How This Works - The drivers that finish in first second and third in both groups will progress to the semi final. The drivers that then finish in first, second, third and fourth out of 6 drivers will progress to the final. (More info in points section)

    Penalties / Flags - Penalties will be on and flags will also be used, anyone that thinks someone is cheating must provide video evidence.

    Damage - Full visual damage will be on, mechanical damage if on will be minimal as it is a new game and people will be getting used to the handling.

    Weather - Weather will vary, depending on what is happening on the actual track.

    Points - In the first two races everyone will score points but there will be a scoring system for getting through to the semi finals as well as championship points, meaning everyone will at least score some points every race.

    Points Towards Semi Finals
    1st - 16pts
    2nd - 14pts
    3rd - 12pts
    4th - 10pts
    5th - 8pts
    6th - 7pts

    Championship Points
    1st - 8pts
    2nd - 7pts
    3rd - 6pts
    4th - 5pts
    5th - 4pts
    6th - 3pts

    Semi Final - These points count towards the championship, the drivers that finish in the top 4 will progress to the final.
    1st - 6pts
    2nd - 5pts
    3rd - 4pts
    4th - 3pts
    5th - 2pts
    6th - 1pts

    Final -
    1st - 8pts
    2nd - 6pts
    3rd - 4pts
    4th - 2pts

    Tracks -
    Round 1 - Knockhill Racing Circuit
    Round 2 - Hockenheimring
    Round 3 - Lydden Hill Race Circuit
    Round 4 - Circuit de Loheac
    Round 5 - Daytona International Speedway
    Round 6 - Lankebanen
    Round 7 - Lydden Hill Race Circuit

    Setups - Setups will be standard/stock, only fuel will be changeable.

    Cars -
    VW Polo
    Ford Focus RS
    Mini Countryman
    Honda Civic

    Drivers/Groups -
    Group 1

    WalleyUK - VW Polo
    Jimmy_R_B - Ford Focus
    DannyWUK -
    ScottWorsy - Honda Civic

    Group 2
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