PS4 Sim final opinion?

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    sorry for English, I use Google Translator to write fast

    I searched for a common space to talk about all the games together but did not find it so I write here in the last game released (Moderator can move as needed)

    analyzing the results of these "sim" for ps4 what we can say?
    Many **** cars (vision imho), choice of **** tracks, simply physics and very good to play online by entering racing without getting bogged down with setup and server apparently ok (those in sports mode)
    Pcars2? Great choice of everything, cars, tracks, weather, race settings etc. Physics and ffb more difficult to master (on gts difficult to make a GT3 testhead while here it's hard to keep them straight!) Miss that little feeling to make you feel right the car right with the steering wheel
    Online problem not so much in race started as in the first moments (monstrous lag) ... best to play against ia
    Assetto? Great feeling with the car and with the ffb making the powerful cars difficult but never making them inguidable
    Choice of good track
    Usability of the multiplayer similar to GT6? it makes you pass the desire .... the only way to enjoy the game is make time trial on your own