PS5 GT sport- GT DD PRO Issue

United States
United States
Hello everyone,

Looking for some help on my issue, below is description and the scenario.
Problem description:
When fist connected GT DD PRO to PS5- Gran turismo Sport. The In Game Controller menu requested Fanatec CSL or GT DD PRO. I selected GT DD PRO and the menu worked fine and all colored buttons functioned as they should. My GT DD Pro has a missing F1 button, I connected a friends GT DD PRO wheel that isn't missing F1 button. It didn't work properly. Had a non-updated firmware.
I put my GT DD wheel back on and now GT Sport game only sees Fanatec CSL ELITE wheel (no longer GT DD PRO as before) in controller settings menu and not all my color buttons are working as they should.

1) The issue is still that GT Sport recognizes the wheel base as CSL Elite and not GT DD PRO as it did before? (GT sport needs to recognizes as GT DD PRO as did before.)

How to delete Fanatec CSL Elite from in game controller and recognize GT DD PRO?

2) Only 2 Color buttons working (RED Brake Bias) (Blue Traction control) GRN and YL have no function. Believe other should be fuel mix and ABS

3) Steering wheel center LCD only sometimes works (Random) in game for MPH and Gear selector. Worked always before firmware update. LCD works perfectly for power up display and going into tuning menus, works as it should.