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    I've both the PSP GT Edition (which comes with a regular GT game, a code for getting a white Corvette and other gifts) and the GT Special Edition which I bought later, and I've a few doubts regarding the codes included:

    1.- On the PSP GT Edition, when I used the code not only a white corvette appeared but also a black Bugatti Veyron, is this normal? Both cars were added to the game with the next names:

    Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (SP Model) '09
    Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (SP Model) '09

    2.- Days later, I opened my GT Special Edition (sealed) and I saw the five Beyron postcards but there was no PlayStation Store code in the package. Seems to be a distribution fault, I called SONY but they didn't give me anything (they told me to call the shop where I bought it, which is useless). Is the code in the Special Edition included on any part of the manual or something? because at least there isn't any PlayStation Network flyer as usually in other games.

    3.- Exactly what version of the Veyron comes with the GT Special Edition? (on the back of the cover it says special colour for collectors, doesn't say more).

    Maybe the PSP GT Edition's code includes already the bonus of those who have the GT Special Edition? (in that case, if the Veyron is the same, I've been lucky to have the 1st because my unit of the 2nd doesn't came with it). But I'm not sure the Veyron given with the 1st code is equal to the one I should have from the GT Special Edition.

    May owners of any of the two products give me a bit of light on this?
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    I am pretty sure that there is only one special version of the Veyron, so you have that already. If you search the PSN store you should be able to find a downloadable car pack that will also give you the blue GT-R, orange Countach, yellow (I think that is the color) Enzo, yellow GT by Citroen, and the black Veyron you already have. The only one you cannot get (unless you have an EU account) is the red McLaren SLR.
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    Thanks for your answer peterjford, seems I was quite lucky for getting it then.

    Regarding the PlayStation Store pack, I should let you know that I'm on EU region and the pack here doesn't contain the black Veyron (but does contain the red SLR as you said). It was perfect, because at the end I've found the 7 different special cars.