PureGT A-Z One-Make Series - Sundays 6pm GMT - Season 4 RESULTS - See you in 2020!

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Even though this series is not (yet) run by me I gave myself the freedom to post it here, since in recent weeks there hasn't been much participation and maybe some of you here would enjoy racing with us, if they're not already doing so :D

This series is a one-make racing series that uses another car every Sunday and runs through GT's car roster from A to Z, as the name says. Cars that cost well over 1.000.000 Cr. are excluded to give everyone the ability to race every week without having to worry about how to get the 20.000.000 Cr. cars. So far, there have been 3 seasons with 3 different champions. I'll link those below.
DLC cars, that came after we passed that manufacturer, will be raced at the end of the season they were introduced.

All cars are raced with stock settings, no tuning allowed and tires matching them. Fuel and tire usage is also turned on to a degree, that your tires tend to loose live towards the end of the race.

Races usually are around 15 minutes of lenght.

A room is usually opened by our host Suti1955 at around 5:30pm and racing starts at around 6:00pm:
  1. Race - Track A - fastest first
  2. Race - Track A - reverse grid
  3. Race - Track B - reverse grid
  4. Race - Track B - reverse grid
  5. Race - Nordschleife (regular or 24h layout, depending on the car) - reverse grid
Grip is set to real and all driving-interfering aids are forbitten. Races are standing start with penalties for jump-starting.

Points are given out depending on how many drivers start the race:
With a grid of 16 drivers, the winner gets 16 points, the second gets 15 points, ...
With a grid of 10 drivers, the winner gets 10 points, the second gets 10 points, ...​
I guess you get how it works. However, if there are less than 5 drivers present at a race, double points will be awarded.

Also there is a trophy given out to a driver of the day and one for the best livery.

For racing etiquette, there are two basic rules enforced:
  1. If you hit, you wait → no unfair advantage of drivers who push themselves through the field.
  2. No retaliation → if you have any trouble with another driver, just send a PM to the host after the race and he'll look into it.
Anybody who doesn't follow the rules is either punished with a time penalty that drops him in positions or in case of really bad cases a DSQ.

Here are the links to previous seasons:
There is no registration or anything required, just show up or not :D
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For season 4, which is unfortunately already soon coming to an end, we have been using some Gran Turismo branded cars, a few 1.000.000 Cr. cars from Manufacturers ranging from A-Z and recently added DLC cars that haven't been raced when the series was at "their letter". You can find previous races of Season 4 here.

Next Round:




Season's standing after last race:

Also there is a ranking of the driver of the day and livery trophy winners:
  1. 6 - TX3_Bottlesparks
    6 - GTP_Nuschel​
  2. 2 - Buuk-68ri
    2 - Gartmaier​
  3. 1 - bloodyboyblue
    1 - TX3_Aura
    1 - DR_HASH
    1 - Oilpressure70
    1 - intruderM800​
  1. 12 - GTP_Nuschel​
  2. 3 - Buuk-68ri
    3 - TX3_Aura
    3 - TX3_Bottlesparks​
  3. 1 - bloodyboyblue
    1 - EsaKoivisto
    1 - DR_HASH
    1 -Halbstark093
    1 - PureGT_Goofy
    1 - Oilpressure70
    1 - dj_nebat
    1 - miquel-85​

That should be everything for now, if there are any questions, just ask them below :D If anyone finds himself in the leaderbords, feel also free to give me a note :cheers:
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For season 4, which is unfortunately already soon coming to an end, we have been using some Gran Turismo branded cars, a few 1.000.000 Cr. cars from Manufacturers ranging from A-Z and recently added DLC cars that haven't been raced when the series was at "their letter". You can find previous races of Season 4 here.

Next Round:

November 10

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1


Spa Francorchamps - laps tba - conditions tba
Spa Francorchamps- laps tba - conditions tba
Willow Springs: Big Willow - 9 laps - Daytime 09:10 Cloudy
Willow Springs: Big Willow - 9 laps - Evening 17:30 Fine Weather
Nurburgring 24h -2 laps - Evening 19:30 Sunny

Season's standing after last race:
  1. 455 - GTP_Nuschel​
  2. 410 - TX3_BottleSparks (@Sparkz_360)​
  3. 347 - DR_HASH (@DR HASH)​
  4. 246 - Buuk-68ri​
  5. 208 - Suti1955​
  6. 199 - TX3_Aura​
  7. 140 - Halbstark093​
  8. 115 - Schosse12​
  9. 110 - ngrosso​
  10. 83 - willy_76​
  11. 80 - EsaKoivisto​
  12. 50 - hudurtounge​
  13. 47 - Spitplay4campino​
  14. 40 - PureGT_GOOFY​
  15. 39 - bloodyboyblue (@bloodyboyblue)​
  16. 38 - IGTSH_mozzzssi​
  17. 38 - tjoof1​
  18. 34 - Sheeshyman​
  19. 28 - kardbus​
  20. 26 - miquel-85​
  21. 25 - HippywifaGun
    25 - lukutus75​
  22. 19 - Mr_HeyjoeK
    19 - FlatPlaneCrank​
  23. 17 - Hamskewer
    17 - Jusmo888​
  24. 15 - Kawa-Jo​
  25. 14 - Hydrotype-R​
  26. 13 - ScepticOff
    13 - PureGT_Luca​
  27. 11 - Kalpa24
    11 - Punttoni
    11 - m_verstappen_33​
  28. 9 - TX3_Hikayaza​
  29. 7 - butajin
    7 - The-Smelly-Hippy
    7 - GRT_Papaoute
    7 - mojoku​
  30. 6 - Motordisseny
    6 - Neiostyle
    6 - NikolaidisGR​
  31. 5 - vincentshane1234
    5 - Yaseen-Rash
    5 - killU4fun_
    5 - The_Shunk_72​
  32. 4 - MAX_Apex
    4 - vongala2005
    4 - DTMAD92​
  33. 3 - TX3_Yunalesca
    3 - Gamer46zone
    3 - apostlewallyboo​
  34. 2 - marton1978dead
    2 - xHDz_Ghost
    2 - Blueukulele
    2 - rontsa87
    2 - Sugardaddy_81​
  35. 1 - JLC-447
    1 - djonxxt
    1 - supercap1​
  36. 0 - DAMOHTID
    0 - IGTSH_DavidRed
    0 - JEV_Sw1fT_Ch40s_
    0 - mKosen
    0 - atalayant
    0 - Sil3nt_Sc0t
    0 - ruboant
    0 - Nickf1gr
    0 - SarralGT14
    0 - BikeeeMikeee
    0 - FGose
    0 - Ninja_Karma
    0 - Ertz-5
    0 - MrNerdowski
    0 - Keeroo75
    0 - biggrm
    0 - JimboSlice96​

Also there is a ranking of the driver of the day and livery trophy winners:
  1. 6 - TX3_Bottlesparks​
  2. 3 - GTP_Nuschel​
  3. 2 - Buuk-68ri​
  4. 1 - DR_HASH
    1 - TX3_Aura
    1 - bloodyboyblue​
  1. 7 - GTP_Nuschel​
  2. 3 - Buuk-68ri
    3 - TX3_Aura
    3 - TX3_Bottlesparks​
  3. 1 - PureGT_Goofy
    1 -Halbstark093
    1 - DR_HASH
    1 - EsaKoivisto
    1 - bloodyboyblue​

That should be everything for now, if there are any questions, just ask them below :D If anyone finds himself in the leaderbords, feel also free to give me a note :cheers:
Unfortunately there are plenty of other series at that time. Sorry, I wanted to join.
I know that there are heaps of series at that time. If I could I would move it to either an earlier or later timeslot, but this is not my series (yet) :D
However nobody is forced to register or anything. Even if you‘re free for just one race, enter and leave again. It‘s really much just a series for fun racing, similar to @Pigems‘ daily race lobby.

As you can see from the rankings, there are lots of players who either finish only one race or none at all. The points don‘t really matter and are probably just there to motivate people a little :D

@Sparkz_360 is with us almost every Sunday and I bet he can guarantee that there is always some fun and clean racing going on :cheers:
Nice of you Nuschel to push for this great A to Z series and you mentioned 3 seasons but we have actually raced it since 2010 or 2011.
I can´t remember exactly when it started but it´s a really fun series. Hopefully there will be some drivers from here that are joining.
But all that is joining remember that it is all about CLEAN racing 👍

and you mentioned 3 seasons but we have actually raced it since 2010 or 2011.
I know that it‘s been running for a long time but I was just referring to GTS :)

Didn‘t know you‘re also registered here :D :cheers:
Room online: 0475-4179-4378-5648-4420

EDIT: Races finished. Results and photos to follow tomorrow.
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Results from yesterday are in. Unfortunately there weren't many players online this time but there still were some pretty epic races :cheers:

Heavy road cars are not the best vehicles for racing and 2018 Camaro was not an exception. It has enough horsepower to keep it going quite fast, but staying on the track was not that easy. At Spa it was not a problem, there was enough tarmac outside the track limits and sometimes you got a penalty that was easy to serve. At Willow Springs consequences were worse, getting back to track was not always that simple. Racing was mostly quite clean, but at the beginning of each race several contacts happened. There was not network problems during races, but two players had their game frozen. Nuschel was able to reboot his equipment, but Tin_pan_driver was unlucky and could not restart his game. For the first three races we had decent amount of players, but the dunes of Willow Springs took two players and finally at Nurburgring only 4 players started the race.


Driver of the night is Nuschel, best points with great driving

Created liveries were rare, trophy for Nuschel
Thanks for that, @MMX :D

Anyway, here are some photos of yesterday's races.

Maybe a few of you might be interested now, I hope to see some more people next sunday :cheers:
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Results are up. That was an awesome racing event and I had some really amazing battles with @DR HASH :cheers:

Several new names appeared at A to Z races, Nuschel and DR_HASH have done obviously some recruiting to keep this series alive. Also some less active regular drivers joined us and we had once again very good races. Old american muscle cars have usually too short gearbox, but with old Camaro that was not a big problem, top speed was well over 210 kph. Suspension was not also typical for this kind of car, it was quite stiff and car was thus very easy to drive. Racing was usually quite clean and new drivers were mostly very skillful. At 2nd Brands Hatch race one of the quest players, ARELLE1 didn't respect other players at all and punted them shamelessly off the track. Disqualification is the result of this behavior. Nordschleife is not the easiest track for overtaking and with a car that accelerates very lazily it is almost impossible if the driver in front doesn't give enough room. Two drivers quit the race because of that. A to Z races without network problems are not very common. Oilpressure and Nuschel were invisible to each other in some races and also some other players reported that they don't see all the others. At first Brands Hatch race Hydrotype-R got stuck at the starting grid and as we didn't restart the race he got 1 point of that race.
Drivers of the night are Nuschel and Oilpressure, best points and clean driving even when they were invisible to each other

Oilpressure and dj_nebat got trophies for their liveries, stolen or not

Here are some photos and a highlights video :gtpflag:

See you next Sunday :)
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Results are up. The car wasn't that awesome to drive due to the open diff and it's soft suspesions and driving it fast without any big mistakes was a big challenge

Once again we didn't have that many players. At both Autopolis races only 5 players started and so we got double points from these races. Most racing at Autopolis happened between Nuschel and intruder, others just tried to stay on the track. The short gearbox was in fact a good thing, car was not so user friendly and higher top speed would have meant more crashing. More players joined for Sardegna races and at first race handling problems were obvious. Five players out of eight hit the same wall and several other incidents happened as well. The second race was smoother as the players were more cautious and overall it looked more like racing than a demolition derby. At Nordschleife Esa was doing extremely well and managed to stay in the lead almost one lap although two very fast drivers were chasing him and finished finally third. This time we didn't meet any new players, but luckily MC, one of our essential members was back and scored decent points.

At the moment we don't know if we get any alphabetically suitable cars in the update later this week. Next sunday we are using Ferrari 365 GTB4 '71 and if there are no cars for us in the update, final races will be happening December 8th and the car for that event is Audi VGT. If we get useful car(s) then we are using it/them first and Audi is anyway the car for the last event.
Driver of the night is Gartmaier, 3 races & 3 wins, alien performance!

Livery trophies go to Nuschel & miquel, nice vintage style liveries
Thanks for that, @Panoz :cheers:

Here are some photos of the races.

See you next Sunday :)
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Room‘s online: 0475-4174-2609-9486-8292

Racing finished for today
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Results are up. The Daytona is an awesome car to drive and we had some great, fun and really close racing going on :dopey:

@Schosse @Sparkz_360 @DR HASH

Old Ferrari was quite slippery, but still easily controllable and was in fact quite fun to drive. This time we had almost normal amount of drivers and as most of them were regular A to Z drivers or otherwise familiar players, racing was all the time very clean. Only a few random racing incidents happened and no additional penalties were needed. Network problems were limited to party chat, racing didn't suffer at all. At last lap of the first Sainte-Croix race Nuschel got disconnection, but the reason for this was that his mother accidentally unplugged router! However, Nuschel was able to finish the race by himself in another lobby and as he was fourth at the time of disconnection, he gets that position in the results. Usually disconnected players get only 1 point, but if there is a good reason to award more points, then it is possible.

Next sunday we are using BMW M3 Coupe '03 from the latest update. Final event is then postponed to following sunday, December 15th and the car is then Audi VGT Gr.1.
Driver of the night is intruderM800, excellent car control & best points

Most cars had just basic paint job, Nuschel had created (or found) something that was worth a trophy
The yellow Fisons livery can be found in my gallery ;)

Here are some photos of the races.

See you next Sunday :)
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Results are online. The E46 wasn't that great of a car to use tbh, it absolutely didn't want to turn in and it somehow didn't feel like the real car at all :(

@Sparkz_360 @DR HASH

Our racing event was this time like some kind of PureGT All-Stars Meeting. Three top drivers from PS3 era joined us: Luka___83, Oilpressure70 and Silent_garden. Also many of the current regular players were present and even some guest players appeared in races. The reason for this sudden popularity was the car, '03 E46 is really enjoyable to drive. PS network and PD servers were not any better than usually, we had invisible drivers and some players experienced bad lag. When I was about to start the first race, game crashed and when I started it again I was not able to join the room. After rebooting PS4 and starting a new room we didn't get all the players from the first room there, but some other players joined instead. After second Blue Moon race Nuschel got disconnection and was not able to join at first because room was full again. Buuk-68ri was a gentleman and offered his place to Nuschel.

The first Nurburgring GP race was very clean but the start of the 2nd race was chaotic. One of the quest players had almost 20 contacts during first lap, that player quit the race during second lap as there were not anymore other players nearby to crash with. Regular players had some incidents as well and Oilpressure was not able to avoid sliding MC and punted him off the track. Oilpressure should have slowed down and give the position back. Now he received 5 second penalty dropping him from 9th to 10th in the results. Blue Moon Infield A II is rarely used in lobby races and I was expecting mayhem. Only one minor pile-up happened at the start of the 2nd lap and soon after that there was an incident between Luka and DR_HASH. Luka was ahead of DR_HASH but accidentally rammed him against the fence. Although DR_HASH didn't lose much time and Luka was ahead, 5 second penalty for Luka is fair. In the results Luka dropped from 2nd to 4th. The 2nd Blue Moon Bay was another very clean race, hardly any contacts between drivers. At Nordschleife we had several minor contacts, but not anything serious. Big thanks to all drivers (except that lunatic at Nurb GP) for excellent racing.

Next sunday we have the final event of this season and the car is Gr. 1 hybrid Audi VGT. For the first race we have some additional excitement as we try to race in wet conditions. We already had previously one wet race at Red Bull Ring, but we were using very easy car then, Red Bull Junior.
Driver of the night is Gartmaier, best points with very clean driving

Livery trophies go to Nuschel and BottleSparks
The Asahi Kiko livery can be found in my gallery :)

See you next Sunday :)
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That's a wrap for the 2019 Season 4. Unfortunately not many people were there yesterday, probably because VGT cars aren't that popular :D

Thanks for everyone who showed up, tho! :cheers:

For the final races of the season we didn't have many drivers. At first I thought players were afraid of the wet conditions of the first race, but there were even less drivers for the dry races. The last two races were just me and Nuschel cruising. Hybrid Audi VGT was not easy to drive in wet conditions as it was 4wd only when battery was charged. Handling in dry conditions was quite decent and the car was cornering nicely if you managed to get battery empty before corner, car was then temporarily fr. However, Nuschel was the only one who could really drive this car very fast, all the others had some problems.
Driver of the night is Nuschel, excellent car control & he won all the races

Livery trophy goes to Nuschel
The Orion Beer livery can be found in my gallery :)

And some photos:

See you next year :)

This season is now officially over and the final results are in. I also can provide some additional stats and look forward to be hosting this series together with @DR HASH next year :gtpflag:

The complete final standings can be seen in the first post.

The amount of active players dropped during this season. There was still 84 drivers who scored points and 28 players with 0 points. But only 12 players scored more than 100 points. Previously that figure has been 16,21 and 22. Racing among regular players was cleaner than before and after two events we started using light damage again as heavy damage didn't seem suitable for these races. We still had several accidents but very often lag was involved and the occasional troublemakers were always guest players. Big thanks to everyone who was participating and congratulations to podium drivers. Total final leaderboard can be found at the first post of this thread.
  1. GTP_Nuschel -699 points
  2. TX3_BottleSparks - 506 points
  3. DR_HASH - 453 points
Now we have also generation change in this series, GTP_Nuschel and DR_HASH are running A to Z from now on. I'm still appearing as a driver as much as possible. See you next year!

For the livery trophies, the results are the following:
  1. GTP_Nuschel - 12
  2. Buuk-68ri - 3
    TX3_Aura - 3
    TX3_Bottlesparks - 3
  3. TENTFS_Mario96 -
    S-N-A-P-E-R - 1
    PureGT_GOOFY- 1
    HippywifaGun- 1
    miquel-85- 1
    Halbstark093- 1
    DR_HASH- 1
    EsaKoivisto- 1
    bloodyboyblue- 1
For the Driver of the Day trophy, results are here:
  1. TX3_Bottlesparks -6
    GTP_Nuschel - 6
  2. Gartmaier - 2
    Buuk-68ri - 2
  3. Oilpressure70 - 1
    intruderM800 - 1
    DR_HASH - 1
    TX3_Aura - 1
    bloodyboyblue - 1