[Q] Does a higher DR make car faster in sport mode ?

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  1. fast_daddy


    My first post over here, so i say "Hello" to all gtplanet'ists.

    Since about 7 months i am using gt sport by wheel (Fanatec & V3 Pedals), did all Campaign School, Circuit, Mission and by now around 120 races in sport mode.
    I am DR/D and SR/S and around 2200 pts from races. Max. i could achieve was DR C, 5500 pts.

    Since about two months i am training mostly on Lago Maggiore GP and watched a lot of video replays of the Top 10s and fast friends to refine my driving thru them.

    On Gr.3 i get at best 1:57.5 and on Gr.4 around 2:06.8 (BOP = on, RH tires). So compared to the fastest drivers there is at least a difference of min. 5 secs.

    After driving this Track - felt - a 2000 times i do not think getting 5 secs faster anymore. As a possible explanation I came to the following assumption and would like to know if anyone has experienced, that higher a DR rate correlates with faster lap times ?

    Well on the first view it looks like a dummy question as it's kinda logic that a better Driver must be faster, but I think you can only get faster, if you do more
    and more races, earn more points to get higher DR. It's not that you really must do fast Laptimes, just win pts. I guess you will automatically do faster laptimes as you get a higher DR.

    Checking the Top 100 qualy times, shoes no B, C, D Drivers, even ones in Top 1000 who are 3 secs behind the best. All A-Drivers. It took some time to check that @ kudosprime.

    I also heard from a friend, that he was DR A and had a bad race and dropped to DR D. After a few races he managed to be DR A again. Seems logic, as the system knows allready that he's capable of. So its a penalty to remember and go back to usual DR A and up.

    Why i all say this ?

    I would really like to know if someone of you DR A / A+ Drivers who drives for example Lago Maggiore GP on Gr.4 @ 2:01 ish in Sportmode, if you would drive
    on a different PS4 console at a friend of you who actually has DR D, if you would be able also to do @ 2:01 ish on that friends ps4 account ?

    I have no trouble being named as a bad driver (to old to mind). There is always someone who is faster. But I just think that it's not about your own ability to get faster, there's a point you can't pass unless it makes you faster once the rating rises.

    Any thoughts on this assupmtion is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

    Now, shoot !
  2. Krypton78


    No, your DR and SR points have no effect on your car, pace or laptimes.

    And no, the A driver you mentioned, who went fast back to A after a drop down to D, did not do it because the systems " remembers" anything, he gained the A level back because he is just fast.
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  3. BigJimmy


    United Kingdom
    You might need to re-think your username OP.
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  4. VeeDoubleU


    This is the stupidiest excuse for being slow I've seen here so far

    Obviously you are unlikely to see B, C or D rated drivers in the Top 10, because their pace is only good for B, C or D rank, hence not quick enough for Top 10.
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    As an A/S driver myself, this is just a myth. There's no way the car is suddenly faster thanks to higher DR points.

    Those A/A+ drivers you see have been learning from the aliens of various generations, even some A/A+ drivers still uses CSA because they feel consistent with them and allowing them to put the power easily and gain corner exit speeds. I've been running with no assists with ABS set to Default using the DS4 as my controller with triggers used for Accelerate & Brake and the left analog stick as my steering with sensitivity set to 7 (MAX), and I'm still going faster and faster, slashing down tenths and hundreths of a second. And I'm still trying to figure out the lines that I have to take to be fast as well as throttle and brake modulations and braking zones, even as far as to be on the very edge of the (track) limit.
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  6. mthomas_95


    So what we've established is the DR system is doing it's job :lol:
  7. Crazy Taylor

    Crazy Taylor

    No but planting your foot down does though. Kinda explains itself.
  8. sundaydriving



    I made sure I bought the A+ driving rating add on when I first purchased GT Sport to ensure I was faster than others from day 1.

    Pay to win man, all the way.


    Hehehe, nice job there Matty :lol:
  10. cleanLX


    United States
    I have direct experience here, only high B driver, but, merging towards A pretty steady.
    Fiend is low Dr.D driver.
    We get together and play on one an-others PS4pros (mine has more cars to play, with his we campaign and earn money/experience).
    We always use my T150/tpa3pro pedals and Playseat Challenge (he has T150 with stock plastic pedals, sofa/tv-tray setup)
    In campaign mode, no noticeable difference.
    In sport mode, no noticeable difference (yes, we cheat, I sometimes qualify for him, but not race, at any rate my qualy times on his machine are what I would expect on mine).
    So, while I'm not an A driver (and probably will never be A+) I honestly believe I'm a few races away, and with him at low D, I would think any such difference would be easy to see.

    Additionally, I have raced against A and A+ drivers... I typically get good corner exits, and they do not gain. When I get braking just right, they stay behind... but, yes, they are faster and eventually get by (if I cannot shake them, I leave them an opening), typically I can hang for a bit, so, it's not the car... I just cannot keep my brain on task to get everything perfect every corner, and they eventually pull... and, sometimes plain drive away.

    So, 2 PS4pros, same "controls", High B vs low D... don't see any difference in car dynamics or "speed".
    Admittedly, I'm not "fast", but I am darn consistent, so, I would think it would show.
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  11. Famine

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    There's a short answer to this, and then there's a much longer one.

    The short answer is:

    The much longer one is: "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo."
  12. Alpha Cipher

    Alpha Cipher

    Nice try OP, but the guy who said that the faster guys use Soft tires takes the king for #driverexcuses


    Why's everybody bashing on him when a simple 'No' is enough ?
    A ...

    three wide 'No' is barely ok :lol: !

    New to GT, @fast_daddy ? A lot to learn ...

    Yes. Not for the race count though - for the practise within :tup: ...

    Btw welcome to GTP.
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  14. golfer07840


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    I Feel bad for the OP. Asked a question and was basically thrown overboard into a chummed up water with great white sharks.

    I thought we were better than that here.

    Anyway, to answer the question. No, I don't think so. I'm at DR D as well. However, I am getting better. 2 of the past 3 days racing, and I've actually gained points. My qualifying laps are getting better, but I can still be faster. I know I'm a little too conservative with braking and coming out of the corners. Took me a while to understand that it was OK to go over the kerbs or to ride them to stay wide to come into another corner at a better angle.

    There is a lot to learn about this game. This isn't Turbo from 1981 or Out Run from 1984. Personally, I wouldn't worry about ranking. I'd just work on getting better and having fun. Last night I went from starting 12th at BB Raceway to finishing 5th. For me, that's a really good race.

    Enjoy the journey.
  15. vvise


    I mean... The answer is technically yes? A better driver makes the car go faster around a track lol.
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  16. Azerach


    Top 10 out of a player base of 5000000. You are comparing yourself to the absolute limits that can be achievable. Rather do races and develop your skills comparing yourself to other D level drivers. I'm sure you will see yourself enjoying the progression much better.
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  17. TheGeologist


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    Your Dr and Sr scores are based on how you perform in sport mode and FiA championship races, not viceversa.

    If you upload a replay, I'm sure many people here would be more than happy to give you tips on how to improve your lap times.
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  18. fast_daddy


    Thanks so far to all constructive replies.

    Well, i was not asking for an excuse. I was asking if my assumption may be possible. If all those racing times between DR D and up are consistent/comparable absolutely. That was the point. My thoughts came similar like that „boost“ you can setup in the lobby races.
    As it appeared once i won a race in sport mode, it felt like i got faster resp. the distance to the 2nd 3rd etc. grew faster than in the previous rounds. I cannot describe it better. However it felt the system wanted me to win „my first“ race in sport mode. However, seems thats BS finally.

    Anyhow, cleanLX and a few others gave a great reply, which tells me that there is very much to learn, even driving the course thousands of times. Seems a fact that i should try that another thousand times and try to do it different and catch up all those small places by not loosing10th secs etc. to get faster.

    Thanksfor your time and help, cheers n good races
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  19. fast_daddy


    True, but it‘s not comparing to 5 million users. If i understand the region ranking of kudosprime its aproximately compared to 18k-30k Players on a daily race Track. So its the top10 of 1% that actually do that racetrack. ;-)

    Concerning the progression, Indeed it would be great to see a list of the best lap times according to DR, that would be really great to compare myself month by month.
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  20. NevilleNobody


    Go easy, he asked nicely.

    To the OP, if you watch the fast guys lapping, you see two things that seperates them, exit speeds and smooth changes of direction. I am a low to mid tier B DR driver and my lines and braking points look similar to A drivers but they all drive with TC off and modulate the throttle for much better exits and much smoother behaviour through fast esses and changes of direction.
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  21. Ofuscor


    No, driver rating has nothing to do with the car speed. It is just better driving technique.

    Here is some proof.

    P2 is me and p9 azhael89 is also me in a secondary account. Why the difference in lap time? Started playing with Azhael89 and then switched to my main account and perfected my race lines. I was originally slower. I just learned better corner lines with more practice and to mantain more speed.

    Azhael89 has never been higher than Dr B. So, no memory Dr thing going on. You can check everything yourself in the link below.

    If dr B was slower I would have never been able to grab a top 10 with my secondary beating A drivers.

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  22. Mirror_man


    Uauuu! I finally discovered that you also have a sense of humor! I.m stuned!!
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  23. Jamie Bbbbb

    Jamie Bbbbb

    I think you have misunderstood how DR works. Once you have reached your personal limit, DR is purely a measure of skill; it has nothing to do with number of races.

    So, long answer short: no.
  24. fast_daddy


    All understood. Lesson learned. Thanks for all replies so far.

    I see this Thread as *closed*. If a mod could close it, would be nice, thanks.

    Have a good race
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