[Q] Multi-platform recommendations and tips.

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by PlutoDelic, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. PlutoDelic


    Lads, i've been wanting to create this thread for a while, and fortunately the reasons to make one have only added up.

    I was on the brink lately to either go for PS4 Pro, or Xbox One X (as it seems), mostly due to the fact that a Wheel either supports on of the other.
    Now that we have a solution for one-wheel-to-rule-'em-all with DriveHub, i could leave that pain of choosing behind me.
    Obviously, PS4 Pro for GT Sport, and Xbox One X for FM7 (FH too), both preferably and hopefully with their relevant game edition releases.

    I wont ask for what kind of wheel i should go for, as i have already made my mind up, although it will depend a lot on how people review the DriveHub and what suits it best, so i will still look for your input here later on.

    After all this stuff, that leaves me with the OTHER Multi-platform games laying around.

    I wont ignore PCars 2, WRC7, F1 and even a few other ones that may possibly make it to the consoles. But when i reach that point, where do they behave better? PS4 or Xbox?

    To anyone who'll throw the "PC Rig" answer, please consider the "easier said then done" part of that.
    I used to be a hardcore PC gamer, but i never liked what it did to my money. I HIGHLY DOUBT i'll ever return there in my life.