Qualifying time issue - How is this possible?

Hi guys. First time I write here but I've been reading you all for ages.

The reason why I'm posting now is that I'm quite worried. I've been setting times in the new track "Dragon Trail" (Campaing mode) I've done my best in the complete circuit with a 1:37.7, a great lap for me. Leader set a 1:37.1, which means that there's something very wrong. Why do I say it? Well, after more than 1000km trying, the best I've done in sector one is 32.680. But when I entered the "first sector practise", instead of the complete lap practise, I set a 32.4 IN MY FIRST ATTEMP! I'm near to be the first in that ranking but when I try the complete circuit time goes up.

Trust me, it's not me. It's the game. There's something wrong which I can't explain. Maybe entering to the test different times means different weather randomly or whatever that could explain those things.

By the way, times don't update. Now I'd be second in the first sector time in Dragon trail (awesome new circuit) but I don't appear there.

Hope that someone could help me.

EDIT: I just figured out that the line that sets the time in sector one is nearer in "first sector practise", which is ridiculous for me. That explains the problem.

I'm sorry!
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Look. About the update times issue


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