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Does anyone know if you get to keep the tuned parts when discarding a duplicate car? I have a two Porsche Taycans and noticed that they carry unique tuning parts per car, meaning you cannot swap the purchased tuned parts between the cars, even though they are identical.

I was wondering what will happen if you discard a car that has tuned parts on it; will they be saved to the tuning parts menu of My Garage or lost forever? One of them has spoiler and I noticed that you can install it free of charge to the other too, but I'm not sure about the tuning parts. It sucks if the parts are lost forever, even if the scenario is pretty rare. (Having different tuning parts on the same car, but I can see this being the case if one of them is a racing car and other one a drifter etc.).

Also, Is there anyway to see how many cars of the same kind you have owned in the past? And I bet there's no way to get duplicate cars back once you've discarded them too?

I actually don't even planning on discarding the duplicates, just something that I'm interested in. It's a shame you can't get credits from duplicates. And if you lose tuning parts aswell it's even worse.

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Pretty sure the baby goes with the bath water. I played with this a bit and I would have hoped that as you took parts off the car they would appear in the garage under tuning parts. Unfortunately this dose not seem to be the case so it looks like the parts go with the car. I'm holding on to my dupes in the hopes the community can reverse PD's decision on selling cars back. This choice on there part is pretty scummy in a micro transaction sort of way.

This also makes me wonder about engine swaps and how the upgrade parts are handled with the old motor. Do they stay on the motor in the inventory? Do you loose the original motor completely with all parts? I would buy another stock car and upgrade it if I ever get an engine swap but it dose beg the question.
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