Question about DTM and SuperGTSports Cars 

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...I know DTM is using for quite some time DRS, but I am not aware that SuperGT has that in place. Now I know they are unifying into one class DTM and SuperGT and they are already far on the way. At the end, since they are planing on having few races together in season 2019, is there anything about DRS for SuperGT or will it be disabled on DTM for those races?

Thanks in advance...
I don’t know if the regulations for the cross-series events have been released yet. I would assume drs would be off, since the Japanese cars don’t have rear wings with drs. That said, the super gt cars have much larger rear wings, and more downforce, period - so I don’t know how they’re going to balance that.

I also haven’t heard anything about what tires they’ll be using.
SuperGT are built to support DRS but did not have it implemented. It doesn't need it either as there is plenty of close racing and overtaking.

For the cross-over races I expect the DTM cars will not use it. Much easier, quicker and cheaper to disable it there than to fit it to SuperGT cars.