Question about if I won LMP 1 in Le Mans 24H by season 2 invitation.

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  1. TCSdisable


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    Hi guys,

    I'm challenging "Zero to Hero" scenario

    Few hours ago, I got LMP1 3rd in Le Mans 24H on season 2.
    My Main career in season 2 was Super Kart.

    After the race, I could sign GT3, LMP2, LMP3, Clio Cup & Super Kart.
    Now I have sign as LMP2 team which use Alpine LMP2.

    If I won the Le Mans with LMP1, possible sign into LMP1 team on season 3?

  2. davidt33


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    Having just achieved the "Zero to Hero" milestone this is what I can tell you from my experience.
    If you get an LMP1 Contract Offer take it. The ensuing season will include the usual variety of races but also include LMP1 races with you representing your team.... leading up to the LMP1 world championship towards the end of that season.

    Choose a contract offer from a team that includes an LMP1 car that you feel would have the best chance with winning. I chose the contract offer from Team Madness (or similar name). They had the Toyota TS030 Hybrid which I chose due to it's HP etc. and was able to win all my races for its class with it.

    As I said, once you win the LMP1 world championship in the given season you will gain the "Zero to Hero" milestone.
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