Question for T500RS & T300RS owners and static paddles compatability?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SmackeyDees, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. SmackeyDees


    Has anyone here got a T300RS and fitted the static paddles from the T500RS? Ive searched the WWW high and low to find the answer to this or if anyone else has tried yet.

    I have a T300 on back order so I'm yet to receive it. My friends 3 year old T500 is being scrapped and he offered me his pedals, rim and static paddles. I know the pedals and rim work great, but I was wondering if the paddles will attach to the T300? I can't find any good pics of the T300 without rim in order to compare the cowling but they look similar from what I can tell and Im sure I read on a post somewhere the T300 has the connector wires at the bottom the same as the T500.

    So can anyone confirm this please? I think the t300 base with the paddles and larger rim would be a great combo as I loved the static paddles but the T500 isn't available anymore and id prefer the T300 for its PS4 future proof compatibility.

    Any advice from be great, thanks for reading :tup:



  2. skazz


    No guarantees but the T300RS does have a cable tied up inside the plastic shell around the wheel hub which is clearly for plugging in fixed paddle shifters.

    I suspect it will be possible to fit the paddles also because the T300 has loads of clearance along the steering column...
  3. Blkout


    Yes, it should work.

    Compatible with all currently available detachable racing wheels
    (Ferrari F1 Add-on**, Ferrari GTE Add-on**, T500 RS GT Wheel** and Base-Fixed Paddle Shifters kit**)