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Hello guys.
This thread is a one-stop go-to tutorial for getting your force feedback to feel better than stock on your wheel on choice. You may think that you're content with the ffb feel in project cars. Hell, you might even fancy yourself an expert in getting your wheel's ffb setting dialed in. I'm not here to say that these settings are THE best for you. I simply want to share a site link that made a big difference for me, and allowed me to enjoy pcars much more for many of the cars in the game.
You can start by visiting this link:


If you're in doubt, try reading the posts that came after the original post. They all seem to be thrilled with the settings. I have to agree, the settings posted DOES make pcars ffb feel more alive and fun. "Seat of pants" settings, or SOP has alot to do with it, (surprise surprise)
What was interesting to me is that he adjusted the scoop knee.

Read it, save it, bookmark it, whatever you need to do. I dialed in the settings from that link verbatim, and pcars feels half way decent no matter what car you apply it to. the only thing I adjust these days is the master scale. I can go as high as 22 on the master scale on my t500 without feeling saturation and loss of dynamics. ( I'd wager that over 75% of you run settings that are way too high for your wheel, and are likely running into clipping and saturation in ffb).

I'm going to ramble a bit more about ffb, so read on if you'd like. I'll be sharing some of my experiences with my trusty t500v1, my t300rs, and my recently sold (depressed and going through withdrawl) direct drive Open Sim Wheel force feedback kit from Reimer Motorsports. I had the pleasure of owning it for about 4 months.

Without getting into too much back history, I'll simply state that I've been using ffb racing wheels for well over 15 years. Everything from Logitech, MS sidewinders, and thrustmaster's T series of wheels.
I was insane enough to purchase a direct drive servo force feedback wheel system for over 3000$ this past summer to use in Iracing. The Lenze motor on that direct drive systems was capable of 29 Nm of peek torque, and 20Nm of sustained torque without overheating. I never ran it close to those figures, as the motor controller currently offered can't power the Lenze motor much past 20Nm, just in case one of your smart asses got super technical lol, but I assure you, the wheel was capable of seriously injuring anyone who didn't respect it. And yet, in pcars, the wheel felt pretty lousy. It didn't react anything like other games. Even when the settings were dialed in property, free of saturation, clipping, given proper headroom, etc. The game simply doesn't compute ffb effects like other games.

Project Cars was one of the most disappointing titles to use with the OSW wheel system. When the game wasnt crashing on me, i just keot doubting myself. I thought that I didn't have the settings adjusted well enough to make it feel "right."
But, what I define as right these days is relative. I have Iracing, assetto Corsa, raceroom racing, and live for speed to compare it to. (That, and a few real tracks days in a BMW m3) In short, what feels "right" to me is really just a matter of how well I think pcars ffb compares to the best ffb I've ever felt in a direct drive wheel, which is Iracing; my go-to sim of choice for the past year. I've been an avid gran turismo buff for the past 15 years, but Iracing really flipped my world over. When I dialed in different settings on pcars, via trial and error, I slowly realized that the game had a vastly different approach to force feedback. Many of the cars in pcar's force feedback "feel" don't actually feel much different than once another. I raced many hours in pcars, both with my old t500 earlier this year, and the 3k$ osw wheel more recently.

After nearly half a year of searching for a perfect setting, something universal that would make all the cars feel "right," I came to the conclusion that its really up to YOU, the driver, to dial in your own settings per car. And I frankly don't like doing that.

If you take the time to adjust each of these settings one by one, and find out what they affect, you'll likely realise that no combination of settings will make pcars feel as good as assetto Corsa, and nowhere near as good as Iracing.

So what the hell am i rambling for? Well, heres why:

I posted the link at the top of this post, because I can personally vouch for those settings as the best I've felt that works with most cars, and I highly reccomend them. It serves as a good template for Force feedback for a large variety of the cars. I've dialed in some great settings for cars individually, but I've never found a setting that worked just as well on any different kind of car. So thats kind of the reason for my ramble. It was a pleasant surprise to dig up those settings. Just figured I should share them if someone hasn't already.
I highly reccomend using the settings in that link to those of you who are struggling to find a nice "all-'rounder" force feedback profile for pcars.


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Good resource for the Project CARS subforum, well done 👍