[R] Escudo Pike's Peak Edition Gran Turismo 2 Version Review

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    Hey guys! This is just a quick thing I'm whipping up right now.

    Today, I'm introducing the [R] Suzuki Escudo Pike's Peak Edition! I just dropped 2,000,000 Cr. on this new toy, and I just wanna give a quick review on it! Here's the basic categories:

    • Acceleration
    • Speed
    • Handling
    • Brakes
    • Turning
    • Performance
    • Overall


    I believe the Escudo has AMAZING acceleration, as it launches RIGHT OFF the placed position. I entered this thing into the Gran Turismo All Stars race and passed every car within 6 seconds, from 6th place. This thing is devastating on straightaways, which provide time to pass leading opponents and leave them in the dust. It does have it's limits, though. Turning can be a bit of a problem when accelerating too easily.

    Overall rating: 9.5/10


    With this thing being a Racing Special model, you're bound to go fast. This goes BEYOND fast. With a weight of 1.9k lb. and horsepower of almost 1,000, this is THE FASTEST stock car available for purchase. The reason I say this is because the Drag(s) are the fastest cars, but they are unavailable to purchase. Also, there are many tuned cars that go faster, but they are not considered stock at that point.

    Overall rating: 10/10


    With a 4WD Drive-train, this makes that crazy fast car handle so beautifully. This car is one of the hardest cars to spin out, unless you go T-Bone with a turn barricade. Then, you might have problems. The wheel rotation is fairly articulated, making some turns so easy to power in and out of, but braking is a necessity.
    Overall rating: 8.7/10


    I briefly went over this previously in other categories, but the braking can play a big part in all of the categories. The braking is particularly well-placed, considering you can go from a breakneck 210 mph to 80-90 mph in just a few seconds, which provides enough time to snake through the apex and power out. Oh yes, this leads me to my next topic: Turning.

    Overall rating: 9/10


    This goes hand in hand with brakes, but not so well on it's own. Turning is a sore subject with this machine, as while going over 150 mph, turning gets extremely hard, especially around tighter apexes. Braking provides good space for turning, so whenever you come to a smaller turn, make sure you brake, so you don't hit the wall. But, even with brakes applied, the turning is not so great, as this car was mainly meant for both rally races and drags. With most cars, wider turns are always easier, but with the Escudo, it's harder than most cars.
    Overall rating: 5.6/10


    Even with some minor flaws, this beast still outperforms all Racing cars on the selected course. As I stated, no tuning is required once you buy this beauty, so that makes things easier on cups like the Turbo No. 1 and Gran Turismo All Stars. Anyways, this car is your golden crown once you learn the basics of driving it.

    Overall rating: 9.7/10


    I have taken this car into some of the most elite championships, and still smoked the competition with ease. This car may not be as affordable, but once you buy it, you basically own the race. Some championships that this car can enter and 100% win:
    • Gran Turismo All Stars
    • GT500 Championship
    • Muscle Car Cup
    • Tuned Turbo No. 1 (though you may have trouble against that Drag 180SX in the Test Course)
    • Any Endurance Event without Horsepower restrictions
    • All Rally Events (yes, the Escudo comes equipped with Dirt Racing Tires)
    This car is guaranteed to win in nearly everything you enter it in. All it takes is the money, patience, and a little driving know-how.

    Final Rating: 9.8/10
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    The Escudo is the greatest $2million investment in the game. If you're a fair player who matches with the opponent's power, this 1000hp beast will make you become an unfair jerk to end up challenging vehicles hundreds of horses less. The turning is good, but has some faults to it when tackling a wide angled turn. Of course every vehicle, instead of F1 cars, handle poorly on corners at least 150mph, though. Acceleration and max speed is amazing to experience a PS1 game at such a ludicrous speed. This vehicle is a child's paradise. Though, kid's suck at preserving cash.