R3 class V8 Ford Falcon... + question on differentials

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    basically two questions here:
    1. How to go about tuning the V8 ford falcon? I've tried practically everything but it's always a massive hand full. I find driving the prototype cars a lot easier! And the Mclaren F1 Gt i find a lot lot easier to drive than the R3 class ford Falcon. (all of this without driver aids.) Anyone else had a lot of problems with the R3 ford falcon? It over-steers like mad pretty much everytime you turn with throttle! (I mean, i know that without t.c. you will always spin out if you abuse the throttle, on any settings)..Howhever I dont get why with the above mentioned Ford, I only seem to be able to tune car balance on open throttle... any suggestions?

    2. question on differentials: As far as I can understand, high diff settings mean it allows more difference in wheel rotation, so on a RWD car, lowering the settings generally should make it less twitchy and more under-steery. Is this always true,no matter how much you lower, or is there an "optimal region"? How does it manage to turn even if you put the diff settings on 0%? I would of thought that with no difference in wheel rotation speed it can't turn! Am i missing something?
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    1. It's going to be a hard car to drive, any 800hp touring car is going to be.

    2. You have it backwards, 100% means that the wheels turn at the same rate.
    If you fully lock the diff then it will be hard to turn, that's why karts are setup to lift the inside rear tire.

    On a powerful car I use a high setting like 80 so that there is more forward bite coming off of the corner.
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    HMR Motorhead

    Check out this thread, it's a top 100 bundle of laughs. http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/forums/thread/6195672.aspx

    And about diffs, 100% accel will yield more oversteer on exit/powered through corner, and 100% decel will yield a understeer on turn in. And the opposites, obviously, for the opposites there.