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    I have a good friend coming to visit this weekend who hasn't played PCars. I want to set up a good offline event at the track of his choice. Normally i just do a random grid straight into a 20 lap race with weather set to dry or wet.
    I can't seem to get the weather set correctly so it changes during a race. It either stays dry & doesn't rain soon enough or vice versa.
    Another problem i have is getting the AI to pit. I have to pit mid race for tyres but the AI doesn't.
    I want to include some practice & qualifying but don't want us to spend all our time doing this instead of racing.

    My question is does anyone have a good setup/template i could use please which includes these?

    * Doesn't really matter how many laps but 20-30 would be ideal.
    * Practice session & qualifying (maybe random weather changes)
    * Race must have random weather change. Doesn't have to be dry to wet & can include cloudy, fog or quick shower.
    * 1 stop where all drivers need to pit for tyre change due to tyre wear or weather change.

    I'm sorry to type all this to read but i'm still quite new to the game & unsure how to set this all up.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks a lot :)
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    DesertPenguin09 (Banned)

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    -GT3 Cars
    -Fuel wear on Real
    -Tire wear on x4 makes the tires last ~15 minutes which is perfect for *see next line*
    -30 minute race (That way you get a lot of laps no matter the track)
    - Set weather to random, only need one slot

    If you want longer then go up to 45 minutes and change tire wear to x3 and fuel wear to slow. That way you probably won't have to refuel and tires will last ~25 minutes. GT3 provides some good close racing. Also, set AI to anything from 75-85 depending on driver ability. Start low and can always go up. Any higher than 85 and I find they're not much faster but way more aggressive. Make practice 20 minutes to get a feel for enduring and finding a rhythm. 10 minute qualifying to get it done quick since you should have a good grasp on the combo after a 20 minute practice. 5 minutes is too short to get multiple laps in and 15 minutes is too long for a 30 minute race. Might be okay for a 45 minute race but you really don't need a lot of time if you got your rhythm down in practice first.

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