rally drifting for beginners

Discussion in 'GT6 Drifting' started by vegangeezer, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. vegangeezer


    Hi, everybody; brand new poster here. Been really frustrated trying to win rally events, esp. the seasonal ones, mostly because I can't drift for crap. I'm not into drifting per se, because I strongly prefer road course races; but I've noticed it's nearly impossible to win without it. I've been using either the RSC or the Peugeot 206, and I finally figured out that I have to turn off all traction control to make it work, but beyond that I can't seem to make the cars start to spin w/o losing it all together. (And going downhill on the Eiger Nordwand K? I hit the rails every time. If not for that, I'd only be a couple seconds off the gold time, but I can't get down the mountain w/o crashing, unless I really slowpoke it, which not only prevents winning, but isn't any fun anyway.) So I would appreciate a few tips.
  2. purplepeople


    If you play with assists normally, use ASM I believe. For seasonal events I usually just find out what car the fastest drivers are using and buy that.
    Anyways, hope this helps. Send me a friend request (purplepeople199), no one is on the forum anymore :(