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I've finished the Menu books and have been going back through all the tracks where I didn't do every race.
I'm at the USA rally circuits, where it's just you and another car, and no matter what I do or how I drive, I
come in second place every time. It's like the AI is driving on pavement while I'm stuck in wet slippery dirt.

I seem to recall the rally races in GT3 being really good. Is rally broken in anyone elses opinion?
It's just a matter of practice. GT7 rallies feel a little less responsive than other games so you have to start turning/braking earlier than you'd expect. From there, it's just learning the tracks and practicing. Quite a number of people are getting under 3 minutes on fisherman's but I think you need manual for that. My best was 3:03 on automatic. That's over 20 second lead over the AI. Just keep trying honestly. Also, I don't know if you already did it or not, but you ABSOLUTELY MUST turn off all assists except ABS for rallies. You'll shave off 10 seconds just by doing that right away.
Best answer I can give... Play Dirt Rally 2 instead. Original Colin McRae on PS1 was better than GT7 rally.