RallyX World Championship ( Entries Open! )

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    Rallycross is one of the most exciting,unpredictable and insane types of racing there is. This series is purely dedicated to this fenomal type of Off-Road racing!

    Subaru WRX STi Gr.B
    Ford Focus Gr.B
    Mitsubishi Evolution Final Edition Gr.B
    Peugeot RCZ Gr.B
    Honda NSX Gr.B
    Hyundai Genesis Gr.B
    Toyota GT86 Gr.B

    1. Rally Colorado- January 26
    2. Rally Suzuka ( East Layout )- February 24
    3. Rally Sardegna- March 10
    4. Rally BB Raceway- March 24
    5. Rally Kyoto ( Miyabi )- April 21
    6.Rally Alsace-May 5
    7.Rally GB ( Brands Hatch Indy )- May 19
    8.Rally Tokyo- June 2
    9.Rally Fishermans Ranch ( FINALE )- June 16

    1.All drivers competing in the series must inform the series director of those intentions, detailing the car number they wish to use, team they are driving for, and a primary sponsor.
    2. Car numbers 1-999 are open to everyone.
    3. Car numbers cannot have a 0 preceding them. Numbers 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 are prohibited.
    1. Liveries featuring sponsorship from tobacco companies, or pornographic materials will be prohibited.
    2. Liveries promoting a political stance or agenda will be prohibited.
    3. Real liveries from WRC, FIA World RX and Red Bull GRC are all allowed.

    Just like in real RallyX racing, these events are split into 3 rounds: Heat Races,Semifinals and the Final.

    HEAT RACES: These 4 short races have 4 drivers in them, the top 2 drivers in each heat advance to the Semis; The bottom 2 will go to the LCQ.
    SEMIFINALS: These longer races have the top 2 from all 4 heat races; The top 4 will advance to the final, the bottom 4 will go to the LCQ.
    LCQ: This race consists of the bottom 2 from the Heat Races and the bottom 4 from the Semis; the top 5 will advance to the final while the others are eliminated.
    FINAL: This final race has the top 4 from the Semis and the top 5 from the LCQ.
    The winner of this event is the winner of the Rally.

    1st. 18 PTS
    2nd.15 PTS
    3rd. 12 PTS
    4th. 9 PTS
    5th. 7 PTS
    6th. 5 PTS
    7th. 4 PTS
    8th. 3 PTS
    9th. 2 PTS
    10th. 1 PT
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    Keep in mind that the schedule is still a work in progress so expect the length of the races in these events to be added shortly.
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    Exact timing pending (I'm assuming the absense of this means you too are doing the wait-for-interested-people-to-throw-their-suggestions-in routine?), I'm putting my name down in advance because rally cars.

    If and when the time comes, I'll get back to you on the formalities.
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    Alright no problem!