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    I know Standard cars are not popular but I have a soft spot for the MR-S GT300 car. No one else has submitted a tune so here is mine. It is set up at the same PP as the newest GT300, the Subaru BRZ, and it will beat that car head to head. It will also win all the GT300 career races and works online (tuned specifically for online). I use if for Fuji-F, Suzuka, Tsukuba, Laguna Seca and Motegi. You will need to adjust the transmission for tracks with longer straights like Mt. Panorama. I tend to set transmission gear ratio customized to each track and do not use the transmission"trick". This transmission is set to a generic all around decent setting.


    TUNE BY RampageRacing 518PP
    TYRES Front Racing Hard Rear Racing Hard
    SUSPENSION Kit Standard Brakes Standard
    Ride Height 70 / 75 Brake Balance 5 / 3
    Spring Rate 9.00 / 12.27
    Dampers Compression 3 / 4
    Dampers Extension 5 / 4
    Anti-Roll Bars 5 / 3
    Camber Angle (-) 0.00 / 0.00
    Toe Angle -0.02 / 0.02

    DRIVETRAIN Max Speed 168 Transmission Standard
    1 2.959
    2 2.043
    3 1.513
    4 1.174
    5 0.953
    6 0.810
    Final Gear 4.312

    DRIVETRAIN Diff. Gear Standard Clutch+Flywheel Standard
    DIFFERENTIAL FRONT REAR Propellor Shaft Standard
    Initial Torque 0 / 10
    Accelleration Sensitivity 0 / 15
    Braking Sensitivity 0 / 20

    POWER Power Limiter 80.9% Intake Standard
    Engine Tuning Standard Turbo Kit High RPM Range
    Computer Standard Super Charger Standard
    Exhaust Racing Exhaust Nitrous Oxide Standard
    Exhaust Manifold Standard Power Boost 0%
    Catalytic Converter Standard

    BODY Downforce FRONT REAR Weight Reduction Standard
    250 / 425 Bonnet Standard
    Ballast Weight (kg) 0 Windows Standard
    Ballast Position -50

    CUSTOM PARTS External Parts Wheel Size Standard Size
    Aero Kits Wheel Type
    Flat Floors
    Rear Wings

    PIT SERVICE Wash Car
    NO notes
    Change Oil YES
    Improve Body Rigidity NO
    Restore Body Rigidity NO
    Overhaul Engine NO

    Comments and critiques welcome.
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