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    Which forum to use?

    The Forza Horizon forum is live and is off to a great start but it's time to give a bit of direction to the newer members that have begun to post here over the past few days since Horizon's release. Of course discussion is entirely encouraged, but before you create a new thread have a look here first and see if you can contribute to an existing thread with the same intentions as your own.

    Forza Horizon - Where you are now; the general forum, your portal to discuss Horizon to it's fullest. You'll find many existing sub-forums sure to pique your interest, and many more will be added over time.

    Helpful and Popular Discussion Threads

    Forza Horizon Release Car List (SlipZtrEm) - Your go-to thread for any and every car in Forza Horizon.
    Forza Horizon Latest News and Discussion (Patrick) - A general topic covering every facet of Forza Horizon news as available. You are fully encouraged to create new threads documenting any new developments as they're made available and they'll be merged into this thread.
    Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack (ALAN ULTIMATE) - Title says it all, discuss the upcoming expansion pack for Horizon which will add a variety of new content and features to the game.

    Duplicate Threads

    They're seemingly running rampant at this juncture and it really needs to cease, as not only will the thread be locked, it also creates more work for us (the staff) as we're the ones who have to direct the offender to an already populated thread and delete posts, if necessary. If you want to contribute an idea that falls in-line with one of the already mentioned threads up above, please, post there. If you've already done your homework (the search button is your friend, believe it or not) and nothing comes up, then feel free to make a new thread and share your ideas with us.

    As always, be aware of the site's FAQ and Acceptable Use Policy in all things.

    If you have any requests for additions to this thread, please PM me or any other member of staff
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.