Realistic'ish Caddis Fly Pupa (Bug) I Made

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    Hey all, as some of you may have noticed in the Amateur Photo Thread that I fly fish and make my own flies. This is my latest one and thought it was worth sharing what I used and how I made it if anyone was wondering.

    This is fly is meant to imitate a Caddis fly in its pupa life stage, or at the point when it changing from larva to actual fly. They are very vulnerable at this time and fish tend to hone in on this and eat them. I like to challenge myself and tie them as detailed as possible even though the fish would never care.

    Anyway here is the recipe of what I used to make it.
    Caddis Pupa
    Hook: Curved
    Thread: Fluorescent Yellow and Brown Olive
    Rib: Small Black Wire
    Body: Olive Midge Rib (Fl. Yellow base)
    Back: Pheasant Tail
    Thorax: Ice Brown Sugar
    Legs: Pheasant Tail
    Wings: Brown Swiss Straw
    Antenna: Barred Mallard Flank
    Eyes: 12lb Mono
    UV Loon Thick/Flow Resin


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