RECRUITING Active (2019) F1 2017 League! -Default Setups!

Discussion in 'F1 2017' started by Drum_Tank, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Drum_Tank


    Hello Everyone! We are recruiting members for an active Formula 1 league that uses F1 2017 on the PS4 as the running software.

    We are looking for outgoing, positive drivers who love the sport, and race respectfully.

    Our league has been around since 2010, and still going strong! our seasons last 10 races, so the points battles are always fun to watch! The general race procedure are as follows:

    -Short qualifying
    -50% Races
    -Car performance Equal
    -Safety car off
    -Damage Reduced
    -Corner cutting Normal
    -Assist availability; use whatever makes you feel comfortable!
    -NO Custom Setups! only the 5 preset setups for our races!
    We are Eastern Standard Time based in North America, and we currently have drivers from around the world!
    Our races are held Monday Nights @ 7:30 EST.

    If you are interested, Message Me here!