Recurring bug after vehicle recovery

Hello GTPlanet dwellers,

I figured I'd post on this forum given the large userbase & take it over to the codies website if no luck here.

I've been experiencing a total lack of input from my wheelbase / pedal set after recovering my vehicle when going off course. I have this function assigned to the d-pad. Once the vehicle is recovered, I get no acceleration out of it. Revs in game will match my input on the throttle but no movement (don't fret, the car isn't in neutral).

Has anybody experienced this? If so, were you able to find a fix?

Briefer on my hardware:
TS-XW wheelbase w/ R383 rim + T-LCM pedals
Playing on Xbox series X

***I just updated my wheel's firmware to the latest version (8.0) & haven't noticed this issue prior to the update.

Any feedback is appreciated! Cheers

Just realized that I didn't even take a second to mention which game :lol: this is on Dirt Rally 2.0
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