Refreshing the used car dealership

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Rivers, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Rivers


    Quick video I made showing how to refresh the used car lot so that you get a fresh page of new cars everytime in a matter of 3mins. Enjoy


    I take no credit in finding this I just saw a post on how to do it on another forum. Just spreading the word out.
  2. danowat


    Or just race the Indy race, in the American event in extreme.

    3mins 45secs + used car refresh + 98'000cr + 4440 XP
  3. Rivers


    You'll only get a couple of cars. The method I showed is for the whole page to refresh, so if you are looking for a particular car you have a better chances.
  4. 1 loading bar = group of 6 fresh cars
  5. donkeyboy619


    Thanks for the info. Very Helpful
  6. Stephen220378

    Scotland Scotland

    It says video unavailable. Is it the start then quit race straight away then repeat technique?
  7. spiker


    Thanks. This is very helpful.
  8. iLex


    Thanks, I was wondering if there were a technique for this.
  9. Kaaosherra


    For anyone not able to see the movie, just enter any licence test you have alrady completed, and once in the pre-race menu, just choose "next test". Every time you choose next test (or previous test) the used car lot advances. This means that after loading five tests, you have a fully refreshed list. You do not need to actually drive in the tests, just load them, and then choose next test to load another one.
  10. RedSuinit


    It's not that complicated. Any time you enter a race, practice race, or advance through the license tests, you get 6 new cars. That means it takes 5 of those events to re-fill the 30 car used car lot.
  11. keldabest13

    United Kingdom chesterfield,UK

    im doing this right now
  12. king4951

    New Zealand N.Z.

    No need to advance through the licences, it takes too long to load each one. Just start any a-spec race, pause, quit and restart 5 times.
  13. HaylRayzor



    Race the Sarthe seasonal 5 times in 20 minutes, win 2.6 million (and 5 helmets if you care), and get a full ucd refresh.

    And yes you can start an A-spec or B-spec race and quit as soon as the START appears, and restart with no delay in between. Any time you see the START it refreshes the ucd.
  14. BarronGeddon

    United Kingdom Special Stage R

    nice necro.

  15. thanks for the info, very helpful
  16. Lazy Liquid

    Brazil Porto Alegre

    Im glad to know this trick since my first days of GT5. Made my life easier, but i gotta confess that this pratice kills the trade market almost to zero.
  17. chase94

    United States GA

    do the ferrari seasonal event 3min 30sec $504,000
  18. FishHunters

    United States Florida - USA

    Cool! Thanks man for spreading the word! But guess what...they'll probably fix it on the next update.
  19. Doncowleone

    PSN:PM Me and ask

    I do this with the Ferrari seasonal, 1 race then I check the 6 new cars. Doing a full refresh isn't always optimal because you might get a car you really want, and it will be at the bottom of the UCD meaning 1 race an its gone. So if you are short on credits when you find it your SOL about getting the credits in time. So I do 1 race check then do another and so on and so fourth.
  20. neema_t

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    You mean after the early days of birthday tickets, duping, the 1 million credit value cap... Oh and the persistent one car a day limit. Trading was killed a long, long time ago, which is surprising as trading was never really supposed to happen in GT5 anyway, the one car per day limit and the fact PD calls it 'gifting' being evidence of that.

    I spend more time cycling the UCD in GT5 now than I do racing, because I've hit the credit limit and I really, really want to buy the Chaparral 2D before anything else. I know the 330 P4, Mk. IV and X2010 will be there, but the 2D may not be. Also the only other cars I need to buy range in price from 2.5 to 5 million, so if I buy too many of those then I may not be able to regain the cash if the 2D were to show up. So far I've been doing it for probably about 3 hours and, as much as I hate to say it, my interest in GT5 is waning.

    That is until I've built this cockpit I've been going on about for a while, then I'll probably get right back into it.
  21. doctorrg

    Australia Gold Coast

    Or just make sure you have enough money before you start refreshing the UCD. No point refreshing it if you've got no money to buy anything. As for doing this with the Ferrari Seasonal, I usually do pause, quit and restart 4 times, and then I race it once. At least doing it this way, it counts your wins properly.
  22. doctorrg

    Australia Gold Coast

    That's where remote racing comes in handy, as you can stockpile up to $140 Million.
  23. FishHunters

    United States Florida - USA

    Running this this a.m. One cycle takes 3 minutes to change all 15 rows of the UCD. Thanks again for the info! Trying to find the Chapparalls!