(Relative) Newbie Thread, with some Tuning Questions

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Natalie, been playing GT6 a whoooole lot over the past few weeks. I adore racing games, but this is the first time I've tried a heavily sim-oriented one, and have kinda fallen in love.

    (though I wish it had Saabs, more rally events, and gave as much love and diversity to the European and American manufacturers as it does the Japanese)

    Some of my fav cars in the game so far are the '70 Charger and Challenger, the Alfa TZ3 Stradale, Spider 1600 Duetto, 8C Competezione and Giulia Sprint Speciale, the Jag E-Type, the Abarth Biposto Bertone (crap but SO BEAUTIFUL), the '66 Cobra 427, the Tommykairas, the various Elises and Europas, the weird Japanese experiments and prototypes and concepts (like the Dome-Zero, GS-X/R, Toyota 7 '70, etc), the Audi R8s/Quattros, the TVRs, the Lancia and Mitsubishi rally cars, the hothatches (especially the Abarth 500 and Peugeot 106 S16), the XNR Ghia Roadster and the 'Cudas, the old Alpines, the bonkers classic Chapperals, the Ford Falcon XR8, the BMW Z4 GT3, the Panoz Esperante, the many Fairladies, Evos and GT-Rs to choose from, the Toyota Sports 800 and 2000GT, the Mazda Carol 360 and Cosmo Sport L10B, and the cute lil 90s/00s kei cars.

    And yes, I am Lady Folk. And yes, I like games and cars. Please don't make a Big Thing of that. :p

    So, as said, I'm good with racing, but haven't really had any past experience with sims, nor any experience in real garages, which makes the tuning aspect a whole unexplored country for me.

    I'd LIKE to learn how to do my own tunes, properly (more on that in a moment), but it's a steep learning curve, especially for suspension and drivetrain (gear ratios, downforce, brakes and weight balance are comparatively easy to get the hang of). Even if you know what each of the values IS and what they DO, they doesn't necessarily translate to knowing where to put them, how much to adjust them, how they interact with one another, etc.

    So, in the mean time, while I'm mostly using other people's tunes (ghostrider65, jeje6410, Praiano63 and Arrakis Speed Garage are all fantastic- if you're reading, you do wonderful magic! Thank you!)... I would like to ask...

    1) What would be the simplest way to adjust a tune for different tires while preserving the overall handling of that tune? Like if I want to use a tune designed for RS in an event that requires SS or less, or I want to use a tune designed for SS in a SH-only event, etc?

    Like, would I just soften or stiffen the springs? By what percentage? Would I need to also adjust the ride height and/or ARB too? How much?

    2) Similarly, is there a relatively simple way to factor in improved body rigidity to a tune that isn't supposed to have it? Early in the game, while I was sort of naively pretending I could mostly ignore the tuning menus, the body rigidity improvement was my go-to for taming wild or oversteering cars, and now I'm stuck with it for several of my favs'. But (for good reason), body rigidity is rarely used in quality tunings, and (for less good reasons) can't be undone once it's there.

    And then, getting back to learning to do my own tunings...

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a custom tune for me where they also sort of write a "walkthrough" for each setting, explaining (in order of their actual process) what they changed and why they set it to the value they did, including indications of the INITIAL changes they made before arriving on the final settled ones. That way I could get a look at what the process looks like for people who know what they're doing.

    A few cars that I might enjoy tunings for, as part of the walkthrough / explanation dealie, are...

    - Isuzu Piazza XE (for the current intermediate seasonal race). I think this is a lovely looking car, very "of it's time" and yet also has a good deal of the maestro's personality in it, and I'm SURE it's got a lot of potential to exceed what the stock form is capable of.

    - Fiat 500 F '65 (these things are cute and cool and an iconic part of 60s automotive history)

    - Lotus Espir Turbo HC '87 (very very cool 80s look, almost like a weird British knockoff Lambo, I LOOOOVE Lotus, and for some reason this is the only one I haven't been able to find a tune for)

    So... what do you say? Help a girl out a bit?


    OH! And... I also might be interested in joining some clubs for online races.

    - I prefer clean road racing to drag, top speed, etc.
    - I like drifting a bit, but I'm not huge into it and not terrible great
    - I'm probably a much better pilot than your average GT beginner, but I'm not a hardcore expert either
    - Female-friendly, LGBT-friendly, and low on bigoted / macho / competitive BS a must. Likewise good sportsmanship - in victory and defeat - is far far too rare in online gaming, and I prize it dearly.

    Thank you! :)
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    Welcome to :gtpflag:, post your tuning question here GT6 Tuning Forum :tup:.
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    Thank you! I wasn't sure if it belonged there or here due to the sort of general introductory tone, and that most of the threads in the tuning forum seem a lot more knowledgeable than what I'm asking.

    BTW, a couple far less pragmatic questions...

    Is there any particular reason that brands that Saab, Kia, Lincoln and Koenisegg are missing? And that some, like Saleen, Volvo, Buick, Pontiac and Cadillac, have rather paltry offerings? I know that Porsche has that contract with EA (very silly and stupid, IMO, because Porsche is sacrificing what's arguably THE best modern means of marketing their brand, and it just makes people resent Need for Speed, because not every player enjoys that style of racing/driving game; heck, even as someone who ISN'T wholly dedicated to sims, I only enjoy the Criterion installments). But the other absences are almost as striking, and seem kind of unnecessary? Is it just a byproduct of PD's attachments to the Japanese industry (esp. Nissan)?

    And what's up with the weirdly arbitrary splits between divisions? Like why are Dodge and SRT, or Renault and Renault Sport, treated as separate "manufacturers" but others, like Datsun and Nissan, are grouped together? And why have Opel and Vauxhall as separate entities if you're only going to show cars that are identical under either branding?

    Also I'm curious what's up with so many of the VGT cars that were said to be in-development never coming to fruition (I wanted my Alfa ;___; ).

    These aren't, like, actually IMPORTANT questions, just things I've found myself wondering about a lot. :p
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    Hi and welcome to GT Planet. We currently have space in our online series - if the time suits you are welcome to join Sick's Race Room. We used to race on Sunday's, but recently had to switch to Wednesdays and Fridays at 20:30 BST due to problems with PSN capacity (i.e. constant disconnections) at weekends. We have members from all over the world, including Canada, of all ages and a wide range of skill levels from novice to alien.

    I notice that you seem keen on classic cars - we specialise in races for classic cars inspired by historic events. Previous series have included: Cobra Ferrari Wars, Ford Ferrari Wars, Corvette v Cobra, Guards Trophy, James Hunt's Tour of Britain 1973, Trans Am 1970, Monzanapolis 1958, Classic Le Mans, 1960 Formula 2 and many others.

    We are currently racing Historic BSCC 3 - tuned (Wednesdays) and BOSS 302 - tuning prohibited (using the Ford Mustang Trans Cammer). Both series are inspired by the career of the great Australian racing driver Frank Gardner. Click on the links in my signature for full information.

    PS although this post is in response to Natalie - anyone reading this will be made welcome - we just ask that you do your best to race cleanly and if being lapped you let the leaders through - basically we expect people to race with the same care and courtesy as if they were in a real life race event.

    Sick Cylinder Poster.jpg
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    Thanks! That does sound pretty much in my wheelhouse. I even already have a little Ford vs Chevy war planned with a friend (the prize shall be determining, once and for all, which brand Calvin should pee on in the rear window stickers of redneck pickups). I'm taking Chevy's side, because I've never been keen on Mustangs.

    That said, the Trans Cammer race DOES sound fun- it, and the Falcon XR8, are the two in-game Fords I enjoy.

    I certainly love classic cars, but it's not that I have any disdain for contemporaries. I suppose it's just that I'm very very interested in industrial design and its history, as well as what good engineering could achieve with comparatively simple tech. Though there's plenty of modern manufacturers doing things just as, or at least almost as, compelling and beautiful as the beauties from forty or fifty years ago.
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    1 - Spring rates are generally the most important change between tyre types but the amount you will need to change will vary from car to car. The best way to handle the situation is to be prepared in advance and have tuning sheet A/B/C with different tunes to cover tyre type. Unfortunately there is no easy fix that will work in every or even most situations, you've just got to spend the time working out how the car responds to changes

    2 - While chassis reinforcement is a method of taming some very difficult cars it should never be your first modification on any car as it does have some fairly serious drawbacks and can lead to considerable losses in performance. Avoid it if at all possible, there are lots of basic options to try first.

    I've long retired from tuning as my PS3 died but can still talk you through the tuning process in a step by step method, its mostly just common sense and understanding which parts of the car are causing problems and how to counter them. Feel free to drop me a message and we'll build a car together :tup:
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    Even if you don't I still like your list
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