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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by inferno, Jan 8, 2005.

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    Ok so i decided to dive back into GT1 and having recieved a PSX memory card as an unexpected stocking stuffer (they actualy asked me if I could use it after I opened it) I decided to dedicate my only Genuine sony card to GT1. This gave me the chance to make a way bigger replay file since the old one had filled up long ago. now my only problem is getting those old replays onto my new replay file. I know GT2 gave a way to transfer replays between two replay files but is their any way to do it in GT1?
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    Stinky Chicken (Banned)

    Okay, are you talking about getting the old replays to the new card?

    If so, just load up the PSX with nothing in it, have the new card in one slot and the old card in slot two. Then find the replay you want, select it and hit "copy". Easy as making toast. :tup:

    If it's something else, ignore this post entirely. :lol:
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    Well I dont have a PSX. I play it on my PS2. The problem is this. In GT1 you have to make a file on the memory card for replays to go into. It's like sectioning your hard drive. (whatever they call it) The file can be as small as two blocks or as big as the entire card. you are deciding how much of the memory card you want to dedicate to replay saves, but once you set it you cant change it. The replays aren't saved seperately, they are represented on the card as one icon labeled "GT replay data." my problem is that I put GT on it's own card now and i want to create a bigger "GT replay data" save. since the other one is full and I have more card space whereas before GT1 shared a card with all my other games. I have my bigger "GT replay data" save created on the other card, but now I have to move the old replays from one "GT replay data" save to the other one. as far as I can see their is no way to do that. And unfortunately two "GT replay data" saves cant reside on the same card.

    p.s. perhaps if GT2 will recognize GT1 replays I can use GT2's replay copy feature to transfer the files. I will try this and report if it works.


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    I don't think it can be done.