Request for Disneys 'Cars' Liveries

Discussion in 'FM4 Paintshop' started by Laughlyn, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Laughlyn


    Just wondering if someone out there would put together a couple of liveries for the 2011 WRX Subaru in the style of the Original Lighning McQueen, 'Radiator Springs' Lightning McQueen and the 'Dinoco' Lightning Mcqueen from the first Cars movie?

    Obviously i'll pay well for a really accurate livery, i've seen a few good ones for other cars which i've bought but my son loves Subaru's and so a couple of custom Lightening McQueen liveries would be great (the game and console is his main xmas present)

    I've paid 50k for one of the really good liveries and so if someone can do a really good one i'd look at bumping it up a bit more for each one