Request: Race design for Integra '02

Discussion in 'FM4 Paintshop' started by JackWilson, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. JackWilson

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    United Kingdom
    Hi guys, would anyone be able to make a design for the Honda Integra R '02.
    The car is tuned for a Competetion and theres also a bonus prize for the best paint job. The deadline is tomorrow at 23:59 (GMT+0).
    I think what I would like is a japanese style racer look.
    This is a rough example, on a different car.
    If you are able to do this please let me know. (I'll get the bodykit i'm using up here too soon.)

    The aero parts I am using are:
    Mugen - Street Front Bumper
    Honda - Remove Wing
    Bomex - Race Rear Bumper
    Bomex - Street Side Skirts
    C-West - Street - Bonnet

    Would also like this colour
    Hue - 0.01
    Saturation - 1.00
    Brightness - 0.78

    Thanks again and if theres anything you need in return please ask.