Retrieve GT5 DLCs in another PS3.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Jyris Clipton, Feb 12, 2015.

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    I had all of GT5 DLCs, except the Chrome and Stealth cars, and then my Playstation stopped working because a power problem. I was not able to download the family upgrade until april 30.

    So I bought another PS3, and manage to fix the old one. In my PSN account, the transaction history disappeared, as if I never bought the DLC, and there's nothing in downloadable content. I was not able to use my cars when I load my old savegame, it says that the DLC must be installed in order to use these cars. I updated to 2.17 after making a backup, I used another account in the same PS3, started a new game pressed the DLC button inside the game, and installed all the DLCs, when I get back to my old save I was able to use the cars, so I solved the DLC problem in old PS3.

    In new PS3, the DLC was not in Downloadable content as in the old one, and in the DLC download button inside the game was saying there was no DLC. I transferred my old save to new PS3, the cars where there, but I could not use it, so I tried to use the Data Transfer Utillity, all informations of my old PS3 was in the new one, includding the GT5 data, but I was not able to install the DLC inside the game. I tried to restore the old backup in the new PS3, but it says that the backup was from another PS3, and could not copy files with copyright, so didn't transfer any game, I installed the GT5 but with no success to use the DLC.

    So I need help to put my DLCs on my new PS3 system.
    I google it but could not find a similar case.
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    Same for me.
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    Me too, sort of. I went through a period last summer during which I noticed my PS3 was dying. Its fans were coming on high way too early, and it just wasn't as responsive with menu surfing. I decided to get a new one, and began the process of swapping all my saves, music, and game info over. I managed to get the saves & music, but by the time I began working on DLC, my old PS3 simply froze. It will not open up past the USER ID menu.

    Really, all I want is the Test Track X and Machine Tests. I used to do a lot of car-testing. There's gotta be a way to get this stuff off my old PS3. I'm actually considering taking it to a local, independent gadget repair shop which advertises fixing of computers and whatnot. I'll let you know if I manage to get anywhere with this.